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Daily Bullets: Eddie Sutton night is coming

Berry examines the OSU-Texas game, Justin Gilbert consensus All-American, comparing the spread offense to digital media.



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Some great photos from the Texas game. (Flickr)

Josh Pastner is very poor at talking trash. (Yahoo)

Berry Tramel talks about the Wednesday-night doubleheader including OSU-Texas. I laughed out loud at him saying Stevie Clark needs to “choke up on the bat.” (NewsOK)

I’m very much looking forward to Eddie Sutton night. (Tumblr)

Another look at Marcus’ stat line from Wednesday. (NewsOK)


Justin Gilbert was a consensus All-American. (ESPN)

The all-bowl team. Nobody from OSU. (CBS Sports)

Three overlooked plays from the Cotton Bowl. I thought Stewart’s non-catch was huge. (NewsOK)

Calvin Barnett makes the All-Big 12 bowl team. (ESPN)


This on what bloggers, writers, and columnists should be delivering to fans is so good. (Score)

The second-most shared website in the world is run by one guy. (Esquire)

Comparing the spread offense to digital media. Brilliant. Via Andrew DeWitt. (The Atlantic)

Why this person was happy about his Christmas present being late. (Medium)

Jimmie Tramel was named Oklahoma sportswriter of the year. Fantastic. (Tulsa World)

The most beautiful website, according to contemporary Web design, would be a completely blank page. (Slate)

Dave Hunziker gets broadcaster of the year. Very good, he’s the best. (okstate)

The 20 most anticipated movies of 2014. (Deadspin)

Durant tweets photo of him smoking hookah, deletes it, Collison says it wasn’t real. Bizarre. I think this is as scandalous as it gets for KD. (Deadspin)

Thunder podcast with Desmond. via OKC Dave. (NewsOK)

This is Markel’s national competition.


This was fantastic, even if Dwight is a moron.

Highlights from Wednesday.

She’s the best.

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