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Daily Bullets (Feb. 1): Most Viewed of the Week, 3-2-1, Life Without OSU’s First Families



Beat the Sooners. I’m on the record for projecting (way back on 1/18) that this would be the Pokes first conference win.

Bullets Rundown

• Life without OSU’s first families
• One free mulligan to transfer
• Boynton’s practical timeline


• Wrestling: Cowboys 35, South Dakota State 3

Three Ideas

• If you eliminated these three families, how different would Oklahoma State athletics look?

Next to the Gundys and Smiths, the Hollidays are Oklahoma State and Stillwater royalty. [O’Colly]

Is that normal for a school? If you took the Selmons out of Norman or the Shipleys out of Texas, you’re turning down the history from one degree of glory to the next. At schools with less tradition, one guy (see Snyder, Bill) means the world but I think the fact that OSU has multiple families anchoring is unique.

• The Big Ten proposed allowing all players one opportunity to transfer without sitting a year – is this to gain a competitive advantage for recruiting?

The cost-benefit of this feels shaky long-term – if others adopt, you just increased mobility long-term for short-term advantage.

• Mike Boynton dives in on the rebuilding process – one that successively builds on itself.

“Everyone, I think, understands there’s a process to getting a program to consistent success, especially at this level,” Boynton said. “Unless you want to do it under the table in a not-above-board way, there’s a quick fix to make, and that probably requires making some moral choices that I’m just not willing to do.

“Or, you can do it organically, and you can have one recruiting class and get another recruiting class that’s better.” [NewsOK]

When Mike Boynton interviewed for the role, how long do you think he said it would take him? Was it asking for a five-year leash or would it just take a few years to get his recruits to becoming upperclassmen?

Two Quotes

• This quote by Boynton is spot on for the attitude of a coach in his situation.

“I don’t think anybody is going to try to help us beat them. Get over it. Get over it. If you don’t have confidence, work harder. Nobody cares. It’s basketball.” [PFB]

• When a quarterback hits Mike Gundy’s mythical 12 (or is it 15?) game mark, how much do they improve?

“Can he get to the level of those guys (Trevor Lawrence, Tagovailoa and the like) in one more year? I’m not sure,” Cowboys coach Mike Gundy said after the pep rally. “Can he be a lot better? Yes. He made a lot of improvement prior to him injuring his thumb.” [TulsaWorld]

One Question

Is OSU struggling at basketball partially a result of trying to be good at too many non-revenue sports? (credit to my buddy Brian B. on this)

  • I’m ripping this 3-2-1 concept from an author that I read – feel free to comment if you have any thoughts on it!
Most Viewed of the Week

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Non-OSU Bullets

• Tramel calls us to proceed with caution on the legend of Lu Dort (update – he only scored eight last night)
• Artsy cool sketchbook here from a WWII soldier on his experiences

I liked this quote about great art (in the sense of being creative):

Inversion is often at the core of great art. At any given time there is a status quo in society and the artists and innovators who stand out are often the ones who overturn the standard in a compelling way. [James Clear]

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