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Daily Bullets (Feb. 27): Mike Holder Weighs In On Transfer Eligibility, Tony Allen Coming Home



Without the university scandals and Big Ten money, I love the Michigan State comp for OSU.

Bullets Rundown

• Holder on transfer eligibility
• W (number 43) coming to Stillwater
• Three qs for spring football


• BB: Cowboys 12, UALR 0
• WBB: Cowgirls 74, Texas Tech 58

OSU Bullets

• Mike Holder chatted it up at the Tulsa Rotary Club yesterday and shared his stance on immediate eligibility for transfers. 

“I don’t want to take a year of eligibility away from them,” Holder said. “If they’ve already redshirted a year and then they transfer and lose a year of eligibility, I’m not for that, either. But I think that you should have to take a year off.” [TulsaWorld]

That’s a legitimate stance: for the NCAA to soften it’s “five-years-to-play-four stance” to a “enjoy your victory lap if you want a sixth” – it fits the times.

I can’t imagine how much that would cost member institutions (an extra redshirt year to transfer with) to pay for that extra year but I suppose teams receiving talent won’t mind.

• This was big-time – a former president is throwing out the first pitch at OSU’s new baseball stadium

Three questions for OSU to answer in spring football was good – and also encouraging when you think about how little (outside of Spencer Sanders solidifying) this team needs

Nice to have Tony Allen back in GIA on Saturday. Man, to have an alpha defender like that again.

• I really could have gone for the Big 12 being in on this bowl – sort of a poor man’s Holiday Bowl.

Non-OSU Bullets

• Encouraging/cool story about how a convent donated land to New Orleans to help with flooding

Reversing the Silicon Valley trend of eliminating the work/home divide

• Good faith-based look at here (good for all) on how to assess online pundits

This is absolutely incredible.

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