Daily Bullets (February 17)

Written by Kyle Porter
Chandler Rogers on his wrestling strategy

Replacing Alex Dieringer had to be not that fun of a task, but Rogers has done it well.

Pinning opponents is something Rogers grew up doing, first as a kid in Idaho and Washington, then at Stillwater High after his family moved to Oklahoma a few years back. He went to camps to hone those skills. He worked on getting pins from a variety of positions. Then, he went onto the mat looking for the pin.

Major-college competition has forced Rogers to learn how to grind out more matches, but that doesn’t mean his ultimate goal has changed. “Once we start hitting that third period, they start hitting that tired stage or they start getting desperate because I put up so many points on them,” Rogers said, “that’s usually when I find the pin.” [NewsOK]

Reminder: Get to GIA on Sunday.

Papa Clip

I didn’t know this, but Jeffrey Carroll moved in with a high school teacher before coming to Oklahoma State who served as his effective father. Great story here.

Carroll has another year left at OSU. With the way he is playing, he might even land a spot on an NBA roster once he leaves college. After believing he would never make it to college, he has Elder to thank for where he is. No matter how high Carroll rises or whether he does achieve his goal, Elder said he will gladly help him with whatever he needs.

“He means the world to me,” Elder said. “We’ve been through the good, the bad, the ugly. I would do anything for him, and he knows it. Just whatever he needs, any time he needs me, he knows I’m always there for him.” It’s what fathers are for. [O’Colly]

OSU and NCAA Notes

Awesome story here by Hayden Barber on softballers Taylor Lynch and Madi Sue Montgomery … Six Cowgirls on the Academic All-Big 12 team … Jim Harbaugh remains the worstThe record for a wrestling crowd is just over 10,000 which it sounds like OSU is poised to break.

All OSU gear should be signed with an orange sharpie from here on out.

Top 25 for the Pokes here.

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More Stuff I’m Reading

This on how much presidents spend is interesting (and a little misleading given how much bigger the current First Family is than the previous) … I’d never heard of this guy until he did the Tim Ferris podcast, but I like the ethos of Mr. Money Mustache.

  • Mark

    That matte black helmet Barry signed is SICK!! We need to rock that on a gameday. I’m not sure what seems better about it than the previous matte black helmets we’ve worn, but man, it looks good.

    My wife just discovered Mr. Money Mustache as well. I’m not so fired up about the blog. This is just my opinion, but I feel like he comes off as over-confident, superior, and a little selfish in his pursuits. I don’t feel I would like being around him in real life. But I’ve only read about three articles to formulate that opinion. My wife swears he doesn’t place his happiness above all else, has a soul, and doesn’t actually feel that everyone else is an idiot for doing what they do. Guess I’ll take her word for it.

  • GodwinD

    Mr MM will challenge you and your spending habits, and he has a lot of good stuff out there.

  • OSU Student

    It’s kinda funny how OSU is the top ranked squad, and arguably the favorite Sunday, but when compared head to head PSU holds the advantage at almost every single weight class. I’m excited to see how Sunday goes. I have no clue who’s gonna come out on top, but it’ll be a great duel to watch for sure.

  • OSU Student

    If I’m adding this up right, if Evans stays next season then one of our contributors this season will be forced to lose their scholarship. Is this correct? After Phil and Leyton leave, with the two incoming freshman and the St Johns transfer, I think we will be over the scholarship limit by 1. Which, I would be willing to bet, would cause N’Guessan to be asked to give up his scholarship. No way will they keep him over the Freshman big man, or the St. John’s transfer. And all the others that are already here will be needed more than Lucas.

  • Clark Matthews

    I think you misspelled “best” on that Harbaugh nugget.

    • willham

      You noticed that, too. This site could use a proofreader.

  • Danny Manning

    Hire someone’s father to get the son on scholarship? Really? Who would do that?

    • Scott Sutton

      Yeah, what a scumbag.

      • Lorenzo Romar

        Tell me about it.

        • Larry Brown

          Okay guys, enough already!

  • Alum in AZ

    Thanks for the lede on Cowboy Wrestling! Big dual and setting the team up for a run at Natty #35. Go Pokes!

  • David Einstein

    I want that Barry lid.