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Daily Bullets (February 26)



Gundy goes shots fired at Ole Miss

Gundy is unhinged!

We’ll never know what we could have done in the Sugar Bowl if it was a level playing field,” Gundy said. “That is the truth. I’m not sure we would have won the Sugar Bowl, but we’ll never know.”

Apparently, Gundy added, “we didn’t all play by the same rules. If everybody is playing by the rules and you get your butt kicked, that’s OK. I can live with that. But when it’s an uneven playing field, that’s not fair.” [Tulsa World]

The three teams OSU lost to that year faced controversy surrounding their teams. Baylor (obviously), OU (Mixon) and Ole Miss. Add 2015 to the 1945 national championship!

Have we peaked?

Kansas is clearly No. 1, and Baylor may argue about No. 2, having swept OSU. Yet the Cowboys do own wins over much of the Big 12, having already avenged earlier losses to West Virginia, Texas and Kansas State. And they get shots at Iowa State and Kansas in the coming week to finish the regular season.

“We’re a good basketball team,” Cowboys coach Brad Underwood said. “Have we peaked? Not yet.” [NewsOK]

Me …

Also …

OSU Has Figured It Out

Berry Tramel on the importance of knowing how to win.

But the early-January Cowboys had yet to learn how to win. The February Cowboys know how to win. When Tech threw junk defenses at OSU that held Forte without a shot in the second half and Carroll without a second-half shot until the final eight minutes, the Cowboys regrouped. Somewhat on their own.

Evans took over and got into the paint, making the Red Raiders pay for defenses designed to corral Forte and Carroll. Backup point guard Brandon Averette made two big shots to keep Tech at bay. And OSU’s defense stiffened – Tech made just three of its last 16 shots in the final 11 minutes.

“It’s amazing what happens in a timeout once you’ve won” consistently, Underwood said. “‘We got this, coach. We got this.’ And I was mad. I was challenging them, and that doesn’t happen if you don’t have pride and know how to win. All of a sudden, we got a few stops. We got a couple of rebounds, and then we got out in transition and got some easy shots … my gosh, that’s big strides for us, and it’s very welcome from my side of things.” [NewsOK]

A lucrative way of winning, too!

Josh Henson on the OL

Good stuff here with Robert Allen.

“Every coach will coach differently, one thing that I’m a huge believer in with coaching the offensive line is being a great technician,” Henson explained. “It’s all the little things that add up to one big thing. Because on the offensive line, it is like that “Any Given Sunday” to use the Al Pacino movie title, it is very true for our position. Inches of hand placement, difference of a step, those little things right there add up to be the difference in winning a block and then, therefore in winning or losing a game.

“Being very detailed at your craft, being detailed in what you do every day, it gets monotonous and it takes thousands and thousands of reps to master something, so he doesn’t have to think about it, he just does it. That work ethic is what we really need to improve in, so that we can be consistent and give ourselves the best chance to be consistent on Saturday and the best chance to win up front.” [Go Pokes – $]

OSU and NCAA Notes

OSU downed in baseball in second game of series … Cowgirls beat WVU on senior night which is awesome … Cowgirls finish third, Cowboys fourth at Indoor Track and Field ChampionshipKim Mulkey, zero clues

Here are your updated Big 12 standings.

TCU kind of got hosed yesterday, by the way.

And this league remains insane.

Lastly, Bruce Weber is Travis Ford.

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