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Daily Bullets (February 6)



The GOAT is the GOAT, and the debate is over forever. RIP Peyton and Joe.

What is OSU’s ceiling?

The guys at CRFF had a fun back and forth on ceilings and floors of this OSU team. This from Will Hendrickson was interesting …

Ceiling is probably a 7 or 8 seed in the NCAA tournament. Basement is a bid to the NIT. I think this team finishes up somewhere in between and gets a 9-11 seed come march. [CRFF]

A ceiling of a 7 seed sounds crazy for a team that started 0-6 in the Big 12, but I don’t actually think it is. Last year the 7 seeds were Iowa (21-10), Oregon State (19-12), Wisconsin (20-12) and Dayton (25-7). My beloved KenPom has OSU finishing 20-11 overall in one of the best Big 12s ever. That’s a 7 or 8 seed, right?

Charlie Johnson’s Super Bowl Story

This from friend of the pod Charlie Johnson on playing in the Super Bowl with the Colts is amazing.

“It was late in the game in the fourth quarter and we’re running out the clock and, in the huddle, Peyton looks over at me and says, ‘Charlie, what are you doing in here?’ I told him that I’d been in there since late in the first quarter and he kind of shook his head and said, ‘Good job.’ That made me feel good that he didn’t even know I’d been in there,” Johnson said. [Go Pokes – $]

Hard To Overstate Saturday

I don’t want to linger here, but what OSU did on Saturday was one of the more unique wins in the modern era of Oklahoma State basketball. Not just that they beat a top 10 team on the road but how they did it.

On the defensive side, OSU rebounded 22 of 29 missed shots, giving the fourth-best offensive rebounding team in the country few chances for second-chance points. [Tulsa World]

You should be reading Mark Cooper’s five things, by the way. Excellent every week. Also, to the rebounding point, watch this effort from Dillard. It was like that all day at WVU.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Interesting look at how OSU does its background checks on players here … Berry Tramel takes a look at the Big 12 rankings

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