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Daily Bullets (February 8)



More Dillard

Let the Davon stories roll. This one of his attitude change on the way back from Hawaii is terrific.

“On the plane ride back I thought, ‘I’ve got a lot of growing up to do. I need to sit down with Coach like a man,’” Dillard said. “That was the point where I said, ‘OK, Coach, I’m ready to do what I’ve got to do.’”

The result: a total transformation. [NewsOK]

Phil Forte noted that Dillard is a big reason for the five-game streak. I don’t disagree.

Rusty Hilger’s Cancer

Good story by Jenni Carlson here on a former OSU QB who’s fighting cancer.

Hilger researched his options feverishly over the past month, reading studies and scouring websites and interviewing any expert or doctor who would take his call. And as of now, he has opted for unconventional treatments.

A vegetarian for nearly two decades, he has restricted his diet even more, for example. No sugar. All organic. Because he doesn’t want the tumor to cause bleeding again, he is taking all of his food in liquid form. That includes a blended veggie drink with leeks, spinach and broccoli. [NewsOK]

Recruiting. Always. Matters.

I wrote about it yesterday which I know made some people upset, but we have loads of data that tells us recruiting wins championships.

But what annoys me to no end is the annual lazy narrative that the recruiting rankings at the center of Signing Day are meaningless. A favorite trick is to hold up someone like Houston Texans star J.J. Watt (former two-star recruit) or 2014 Heisman winner Marcus Mariota (three stars) as an indictment of the entire system. Or a school like Boise State that’s won at a high level or without a host of blue-chippers. Or Texas, which has essentially done the opposite.

But what these critics hold up as “evidence,” anyone with a basic understanding of statistics calls “outliers.” [Fox Sports]

Thanks to Eddy McDaniels for sending me that article. It’s a good one.

A top schedule in 2017

The Cowboys’ nonconference schedule is sneaky-difficult, and they could be in for a shootout in the very first game. While Tulsa did lose several key players on offense from a year ago, the Golden Hurricane won 10 games and finished tied for sixth nationally in scoring offense (42.5 points per game). The next two weeks, Oklahoma State hits the road. South Alabama isn’t a big name, but it did win at Mississippi State last season. And as long as Pat Narduzzi is at Pitt, the Panthers are always going to be a tough out. They beat Clemson and Penn State last season. [ESPN]

Wet blanket! But also true. That Pitt game terrifies me. That has Texas A&M in 2011 written all over it. You know, the one where Brandon Weeden screamed “f*** yeah” after OSU won because he knew it cleared the path for a national title run.

Importance of Rebounding

In Big 12 play, Oklahoma State is third in offensive rebounding percentage and fourth in defensive rebounding percentage. The Cowboys haven’t finished in the top half of the league in defensive rebounding since 2012-13. They haven’t been there in offensive rebounding since 2004-05. In the last five wins, Oklahoma State is rebounding 42.8 percent of its misses. [Tulsa World]

Baylor is going to be a difficult team to keep that up against.

OSU and NCAA Notes

The SEC and Big 10 are crushing everybody … LSU RBs coach heads to Tech (he has an amazing name) … This comparing recruiting budgets and on-field performance is super interesting … Lonzo Ball’s brother scored 92 in a HS game last night.

This is great.

It really was amazing.

Trae Young effect.

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