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Daily Bullets: First seven-game slide in 41 years

OSU falls in power poll, student sections ranked, and I think Hammonds will be really good one day.




I missed this yesterday but Kelly Hines did a really good profile of Mason Cox as well. (Tulsa World)

If OSU is selling a basketball ticket for $175 and you’re not sitting on Boone Pickens’ lap, the price is too high. (NewsOK)

Oklahoma State’s margin for error is becoming Kate Moss thin. (Yahoo)

Markel: “It was a breath of fresh air. It was almost like the basketball gods wanted us to win it.” (NewsOK)

I like this Wins Over Bubble stat. OSU is right on it. (Big Lead)

Carson and I and Amilian (and everyone?) agree on this — this season sucks for Markel. (Tulsa World)

Berry ranks OSU ninth in his power poll. Hard to argue with it. (NewsOK)

Our first seven-game slide in 41 years.[1. Again, I was wrong about this. I said we’d lost eight straight in 1986 but it was eight straight conference games from 1984-85 to 1985-86, broken up by non-con games..] Wow. I didn’t think we were going to lose seven all year. (CBS Sports)

The Cowboys close with Kansas and Kansas State at home before their regular-season finale at Iowa State. That’s three games that could boost their resume and earn them a bid. Judging by their recent games, don’t be surprised if they’re not done fighting yet. (ESPN)

My response to Marcus Smart’s tweets last night. I think this will be all I’ll say about it. What he said was certainly fair — there’s probably just a better time and place for him. I do get a little negative-y at times (I think we all have this season) and I’ve definitely whiffed on some stuff (I always will because I’m human) and him pointing that out is fine. (Yahoo)

Ford: “It’s difficult to win a game when you’ve only got two people scoring, but we had no other options.” (Scout)

This reverse by Markel last night was terrific. (ESPN)

10 thoughts on the game last night. (PFB)

Markel: “Wins are going to come. They have to.” (NewsOK)

I stopped tweeting because I didn’t want to say something idiotic in the heat of the moment…which I likely would have done. (NewsOK)

Good read on JaQuan Lyle. (ESPN Insider)

I’m ashamed (kind of) but I laughed a lot at this on how to help Ford leave town. (CRFF)


ESPN ranks OSU’s student section behind Texas Tech and Baylor. Wait…Waco Baylor? (ESPN)

The 2011 recruiting classes re-ranked. OSU jumps 14 spots. Via an emailer named Richard. (Sports Illustrated) has J Gils as the second-best CB. (NFL)

Color me impressed that the OSU football attendance continues to rise. (ESPN)


Jimmy Fallon, crushing. The end is tremendous. (Deadspin)

This on how photographers get their pictures posted so quickly at the Olympics is fascinating. (Gizmodo)

I get why he’s saying it but “The Servant” is not a good nickname. Can we split the difference and just go “Reaper”? (Deadspin)

This on paying players is hysterical. (Deadspin)

Really interesting concept here on guilty pleasures and cultural differences. (New York Times)

I might be alone in this but I think Hammonds is going to be really good someday. I am purchasing No. 23 stock.

I hate admitting this but this video made me really like Noah.

If the movie is half as good as the book…

This is one of my favorites.

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