Daily Bullets: Ford calls Nash OSU’s ‘go-to guy’

Written by Kyle Porter


Travis Ford talks to SVP and Russillo: “We’ve had so many things that have been out of our control.” Like, one. His response about the attendance is really intriguing, too. Uses Kentucky to justify an empty GIA. (ESPN)

The new Adidas unis are something. Baylor’s! (CBS Sports)

I was on the Cyclone Fanatic show last night talking OSU-Iowa State. We also talked about golf, the Euro League, and what Keiton Page is up to. I start at 25:45. (Cyclone Fanatic)

Ford on Nash: “He’s kind of our go-to guy. Our players know that. I don’t have to tell them. A lot of times if we’re struggling, they know where to go.” (O’Colly)

The best players by number in Oklahoma State history. (PFB)


Here’s a cool post on ball velocity and the NFL Combine. Weeden is on there. Via Aaron Tiger. (Our Lads)

Want this with an O-State logo. (CBS Sports)

Gundy: “It’s going to take them a little longer to turn the cycle. I think we’re going to go through this every three or four years now where you accumulate such a large senior class because we have so many players in our program that are here for a number of years.” (okstate)

Joe Wickline fired shots at Mike Gundy the other day. (PFB)

Todd McShay has JFF fourth to Cleveland and Gilbert eighth to Minnesota. (ESPN Insider)


Great article here on Jim Littell and the heavy legacy he carries. (NewsOK)

Tiffany Bias made the All-Big 12 first team that continues to, inexplicably, have 10 members on it. (Big 12 Sports)

Oklahoma State and San Diego play a couple of baseball games this weekend. (okstate)

Tyreek HIll win Big 12 T&F freshman of the year. (Big 12 Sports)

Frank Martin…yeesh. (Deadspin)

This church billboard was pretty great. (Big Lead)

This shank by Henrik Stenson was incredible. (CBS Sports)

JFF signs with Nike. Zero surprises there. (Big Lead)

Here are all the kits being worn at the World Cup. France crushes. Via Justin Mitchell. (Who at all the pies)

Gerald Green had 41 against the Thunder last night. (Daily Thunder)

Eli gonna Eli, I guess. (Deadspin)

This is just the worst story ever. (Tulsa World)

I don’t know what’s happening here but I want that to be Soucek on the drums pretty badly..

Haha, this is pretty good.

  • R00st3rPokes

    On the QB velocity article that’s a great “picture” of Brandon Weeden.

  • CM

    I noticed that picture too…..good to see Alex Cate is still relevant.

  • Ross Gillispie

    That picture was pretty funny. I guess they just saw a white dude wearing #3.
    Did anyone else notice how many good QB’s were in the middle 50’s range? I wonder if that’s reflects the ability to chuck it hard, or still slow one down with a little touch.

    • kspokesfan

      Yea it doesn’t look like Weeden…

  • kspokesfan

    My question on the ball speed at the combine. Is that what they threw while going through drills or did they actually have a fastball competition?

  • kspokesfan

    Can’t wait to see the little speedster in action… He will make a few look silly this year.

  • CBW

    No they actually did put a gun on Cate. I think it was 5 mph the first throw and 9 mph on the second. He really got into the last one.

  • Twofinger

    Alex Cate??

  • Rajder

    As much as I love to see Weeden up there with ball velocity, it’s obvious that ball velocity isn’t a very good indicator of arm strength. When Joe Flacco throws at 55 mph and Colt McCoy throws at 56 mph that has to be a useless stat. Flacco might have the strongest arm in the NFL. Either that or Joe Flacco wasn’t trying or the gun was broken when he was throwing.

    • Sean

      It also has to do a lot with how they spin the ball and the trajectory they throw with.

  • kspokesfan

    OK, My question after coming back here a couple of hours later is why did we all gravitate towards the picture of “NOT WEEDEN”? Has Kyle found some new form of “Mind Control”?

    • R00st3rPokes

      No, I do.

  • Chris

    That Mardi Gras video is painful. Redbeard at the 1:00 mark is money though.