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Daily Bullets: Ford is anxious to watch Texas-OSU tape…?

Ford explains himself to Andy Katz, Tom Izzo weighs in, and hey, we won in something!




No matter what, whether Oklahoma State won the national championship or, well, did what they are doing this season, the outcome of this season was going to be a reflection on Smart. (But The Game Is On)

Simmons and Klosterman talk about Smart a little bit here. (Grantland)

Three weeks ago, Oklahoma State was 15-2 and ranked No. 9 in the country entering a supposed showdown with Kansas. Now the Cowboys are without their best player, mired in a losing streak and buried so deep in the Big 12 standings that those days seem like much longer ago. (Yahoo)

I would say “on the bubble” is generous. (Sports Illustrated)

Berry Tramel lights the Big 12 on fire. (NewsOK)

Teams don’t even feign feeling sorry for us anymore, they just say it. Rick Barnes: “I really feel for Travis and their team. This is a team that, you talk about Murphy’s Law, what can go wrong has. But there’s still a lot of basketball left to play.” (ESPN)

I think we got the “in which direction will this team go” answer. (NewsOK)

Ford on Mason Cox: “I’ll be like every other person and say I should have played him before now.” (Tulsa World)

10 thoughts on OSU and Texas. If you like car wrecks. (PFB)

This mad lib Fire Ford letter by Pokelahoma is just awesome. (CRFF)

Ford: “The second half I thought we showed a little bit of heart, we played harder. I thought Mason Cox got in there and gave us some great minutes. What I loved about it when he got in there is that even our guys who were on the bench that I had taken out (of the game), they were cheering for him. That’s a step in the right direction. That is not something that we’ve had. That is not something that we have seen.” A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION?![1. No offense, Mason.] (Scout)

Ford: “I’m anxious to watch the tape.” Why? (NewsOK)

Travis Ford talks to Andy Katz about the Smart thing. I like that he said “it doesn’t matter what the fan said, we’re trying to teach Marcus a lesson.” (ESPN)

Tom Izzo: “We all get frustrated, and I think [Smart] is getting grilled on that. We have no way of getting away from it. When you’re in the gym, two hours, they’re yelling at you, you get away, go back to your dorm and life becomes normal. Not anymore. Those same people at that arena are now yelling at you on Twitter. You can say, ‘Don’t read it,’ but I don’t think it’s the way our kids are brought up.” (ESPN)


Can you imagine the ways Dana Holgorsen will use SnapChat? (CBS Sports)

Glenn Spencer is the third best assistant in the Big 12. (ESPN)


Awesome post here on Josh Holliday and Allie P. Reynolds Stadium. “I look at that stadium, and I think about some of the moments it’s had. And I want our players to know what those were.” Also, if you doubt the power of bringing back a former player to coach… (O’Colly)

A fun baseball “where are they now” piece here. (PFB)

Brandon Weeden wants out in Cleveland. Who doesn’t? (NFL)

Speaking of Cleveland, they fired their GM yesterday. (Big Lead)

Vince Carter’s top 10 All Star Game dunks. Freak. (Big Lead)

How great are these tOSU unis?

Bedlam wrestling highlights!

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