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Daily Bullets: Ford pleads with students to come to games

Leftovers with Russell Okung, hoops recruiting update, Justin Gilbert is a top five Big 12 player.




Tyler Self highlight video. KU hell. (Big Lead)

Here’s a really good photo gallery from Monday in LNC if you can stand it. (Flickr)

Forte and Sager won some academic thing. (Big 12 Sports)

OSU’s non-conference offensive efficiency isn’t very good. (PFB)

Where do I pay money to watch Soucek attempt this? (okstate)

Ford on the certification process for students: “I think it was a little bit tougher process than it needed to be. We all agreed maybe we could just do away with it.” I had several students tweet at me that said it took 60 seconds. If Ford thinks this is going to bolster GIA…that’s LOL-worthy. (O’Colly)

Kenzie Kepple did a great basketball recruiting roundup for us yesterday. (PFB)


Some leftover quotes from Russell Okung. He talks a lot about Christianity. (NewsOK)

Offseason foosball! (Flickr)

Justin Gilbert as the Big 12’s No. 4 player. (ESPN)

This headline sounds like the beginning of a spy novel. (Scout)

DGB and Stevie should get together and trade notes. (CBS Sports)


OSU-Mizzou tonight in GIA. We owe them one. (okstate)

A high schooler hit an 80-footer to send a game to OT. OHMYGOD WHAT HAVE WE SEEN?! (Deadspin)

Here’s video of the KD-LeBron mini-duel. (Deadspin)

Three folks on blogging who have been doing it for 20 years. (Guardian)

Nobody reads the news. (New Yorker)

This on the Simpsons and math is pretty interesting and helps confirm my theory that most things in life are just a math problem. Via Rex Wolf. (New York Times)

This is like the placards with chants the students put out. I get it and I might even appreciate it, but it’s sad that it’s come to this.

I think this is all the NFL I need.

Alison Brie is awesome.

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