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Daily Bullets: Gilbert felt like he owed OSU

A history of Clint Chelf, more on Stevie arrest, Deion Imade is hilarious, Yurcich on Daxx.




This Mike Gundy outfit is awful (uni watch!) but some fun photos from yesterday’s luncheon. (Flickr)

Ugh, this is not fun. I can’t believe how spectacular OU was. (NewsOK)

Yurcich: “Daxx Garman has gotten really good on his long ball.” (O’Colly)

Desmond Roland on Mizzou’s run defense: “And I was just smackin’ my lips, droolin’ down.” (NewsOK)

Mizzou center: “You don’t see any drop-down from an SEC team to the OSU defensive line.” (Tulsa World)

OU breaking the stage last night was amazing. How good is Rece Davis’ transition? (Big Lead)

Dang it, “Big D” is a killer headline if OSU wins. (NewsOK)

Justin Gilbert: “I felt I owed this team a lot more than I gave them last year.” (ESPN)

A Mizzou OL on Jerryworld: “The first time I walked out here for our first practice, it was like a chicken in the rain.” (NewsOK)

Here’s AD yelling after OU’s win last night. (Big Lead)

Some good stuff here from the last week of Cotton Bowl festivities. (okstate)

Good piece on the end of an era for OSU’s seniors. (NewsOK)

Pretty much the entire history of Clint Chelf’s career, if you’re not tired of reading about it yet. (O’Colly)

I think recruiting/committing has officially gone too far. (Big Lead)


I originally thought Stevie’s friends were rolling him (no pun) in this arrest case but it’s pretty clear they were trying to take the fall. (NewsOK)

Apparently OSU is in the running to get this guy. Can he come right now? (ESPN)

This video of Creighton fans helping cause a turnover by singing is terrific. (Yahoo)

Shades of Washington State posting, what was it, nine points in GIA in the mid 2000s. (CBS Sports)

Holy cow, how did this dunk not go down? (Yahoo)


OSU girls off to their best start in school history. (ESPN)

A man from 1964 predicts what 2014 will be like. h/t Bryan Jackson. (Open Culture)

Welp, this is fascinating about Netflix. Via Big Lead. (Atlantic)

How OKC lost 1 million pounds.

This is hilarious.

This is great.

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