Daily Bullets: Gundy doesn’t think Ateman practices hard

Written by Kyle Porter


It’s time for Travis Ford to go. (PFB)

Can you imagine Ford doing this? (Tulsa World)

Shaka Smart to Marquette? Maybe he’s not above us. (Big Lead)

Marcus Smart did the right thing and look where it got him. This doesn’t actually say much about Marcus Smart. (Deadspin)

A great social media roundup of the first two rounds. (Sports Illustrated)

James Dickey resigned from Houston. (CBS Sports)

Berry on what has been a bad Big 12 experience in the Tournament so far. (NewsOK)

Eron Harris is transferring. Wow. (CBS Sports)

This was pretty funny all the way around — Wiggins laughing about one of Stanford’s players who turned around and beat him. (Yahoo)


Gundy: “(Jhajuan) Seales is coming along and (Marcell) Ateman, when he decides to play hard, he’s a big, physical body; and mentally he has to come around and understand the important of practicing hard every day.” (okstate)

Holy crap, this Ole Miss QB is a monster. (CBS Sports)

Tyreek Hill on special teams? Oh boy.. (Tulsa World)

Big 12 recruiting update. OU is crushing. (ESPN)

Sam Wren interview: “My favorite memory is beating Baylor because I felt like we came to play. It was fun and a great experience to play in that – the whole atmosphere.” (okstate)


Cowgirls to the Sweet 16. Pretty awesome. (Tumblr)

Brittney Martin had 20 and 20. My gosh. (Big 12 Sports)

Martin: “I was going as hard as I could tonight, just running after everything. They could have blocked me out, but I was determined to get the ball. I was going to get it any way I could, let’s just say that.” (O’Colly)

New Mad Men trailer. I’m pumped.

This kid!

The Rickie Fowler backflip.

  • kspokesfan

    Rickie is good for his word… Awesome.

  • okiewhaler

    Golf would me entertaining if there were more acrobatics*

    *Kyle: this is a gainer not a backflip! The boy will need this sort of information in a few years.

    • Pat

      Is a gainer not also a backflip?

      • okiewhaler

        This is a problem with nested taxonomy (nerd alert!). A gainer is a specific type of backflip – a forward facing one. It’s like seeing a a pretty woman and saying – “look guys, a hot mammal!” It’s perfectly accurate, but not very helpful. My point: baby Jude will and his buds will be rock’n gainers and backflips in a few years at the local swim’n hole, and he’ll need to know the difference, lest he be chastised.

  • Matt Amilian

    You have to be the worst blogger in the history of sports blogging. That’s obviously a gainer, not a backflip. Gees dude.

  • Nate

    Now that the season is over can we revisit some of your “predictions” when you basically crowned this team as a Final Four team in November? I mean… some of those (most) are going to just be LOL worthy. The best is “Brian Williams is the third best player on the team”. That’s right up there with “Blackmon won’t lead the team in receiving yards” in 2011.

    • I still don’t understand how Brian Williams regressed so badly. After coming back from injury last year, he played really well for the most part. But this year? He was terribad! Horrendous to watch on offense and his highly touted defense got exposed.

      I mean…what the hell?

  • Gopokes

    was going to mention that being a gainer (spelling?) but i guess thats already established.