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Daily Bullets: Gundy needs ’50 more practices’

Yurcich on Tyreek, scholarship distribution changing, and Spoon on Stillwater.




This article will make you sad. Janavor Weatherspoon: “The fans believed in us, we believed in them. Stillwater fans, they’re a heartbeat with the team.” (NewsOK)

Wojo, gone. (Big Lead)

Danny manning to Wake Forest? (CBS Sports)

One AAU coach on Ford: “Oklahoma State has done a good job. Marcus Smart has saved that guy’s job. I absolutely think that if Marcus Smart didn’t go there, Travis Ford gets fired. Getting Marcus has opened up the doors for some other Texas kids to look at Oklahoma State and then they become sexy.” via @OSUMaverick (USA Today)

Why Kentucky’s run to the Final Four might have been the toughest ever. (Yahoo)


Really interesting look at scholarship distribution for OSU. I didn’t know about this. (NewsOK)

Spring ball photos from earlier this week, I like the 1/2 sleeves on the QBs. Shades of Weeden and Chelf. (Flickr)

We sound horrendous on defense right now. (Tulsa World)

OSU nearly nailed its projected points on scoring opportunities in 2013. That came courtesy of a great offense and a poor kicking game. (Football Study Hall)

Gundy: “I’m interested in bringing in coaches that want to teach and coach the game and don’t want to scream and yell.” He also calls Wickline “the other guy” (!!) (okstate)

People continue to rep Justin Gilbert as a future star. (NFL)

Kevin Peterson: “I use Justin as an example all the time. I came in and heard about his sophomore year, and then his junior year he kind of fell off. But coming back his senior year, he had a great season and should be a first-round draft pick. So I know to stay hungry, stay humble. It can all go away in a flash, or you can make your name in a flash. I just learned to stay pretty level-headed.” (NewsOK)

Gundy: “We need about 50 more practices.” (Tulsa World)

Well done, OU. Solid April Fool’s prank. Blake Bell must feel like a piece of meat at this point, though. (CBS Sports)

Mike Yurcich: “The main thing you want to make sure of with Tyreek is that you hand the ball to him to the right and to the left. Sometimes that will be the balance.” (NewsOK)


OSU won round one of Bedlam last night. (O’Colly)

Wow, Bruce Feldman to Fox Sports. That surprised me. (Big Lead)

This goal in the Champions League yesterday was exquisite. (Deadspin)

This should have been the April Fool’s joke of the day. (Big Lead)

Tiffany Bias was an AP All-American. (Big 12 Sports)

Texas stopped a run of 12 consecutive Big 12 series losses last weekend and yet they’ve still been ranked as high as eighth? Get out of here with that. (Big 12 Sports)

My national television debut. Kind of. (Lead Off)

True Detective as Hardy Boys books. So that’s awesome. (AV Club)


I can’t wait.

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