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Daily Bullets: Gundy says he used to ‘hang at the pool’ in college

Texas won’t play for title, ORU downs OSU, and a sad OKC couple.




Gundy says he used to hang out at the pool in the offseason. Also “We didn’t have near the time commitment these guys have. They put in tremendous work. It’s a choice they make. They go out on their own in the summer, they put their time in. I think it’s a great teaching tool for them in life. You’re only going to get out what you put into something, and these guys learn about discipline, structure and accountability.” (AP)

Lol, Charlie Strong had to tell the Texas fan base that they wouldn’t play for the title in 2015. (CBS Sports)

Travis Haney on the QB situation: Big 12 coaches were not quaking at the thought of facing Walsh a year ago. Let’s check back in August to see how they’re feeling about the mobile Texan and those other QBs chasing him. (ESPN Insider)


The photos in this article are just incredible. (NewsOK)

Isaiah Austin, gone. What’s he going to do in the NBA? Shoot threes? (CBS Sports)

Good Myles Turner story/update here. (Sports Illustrated)


Rickie is a God fearing, Christian human being who likes to give back. Well then. (NewsOK)

Everyone made the All-Big 12 academic team in tennis. (Big 12 Sports)

ORU beat OSU in baseball last night. (O’Colly)

Good Big 12 baseball overview here. (Big 12 Sports)

Josh Holliday’s first 100 games. (PFB)

Which athlete is your state’s favorite? Awesome graphic. (Regressing)

The American public has an appetite for sports, an appetite for technology, and someone will figure out a way to maximize profits. (NewsOK)

This OKC couple is sad. (Big Lead)

This piece on Bryce Harper and Mike Trout as the best young baseball duo ever was solid. (538)

Data that shows why learning to code is such a valuable skill. (Vox)

Brittney Griner makes 12x more in China than the US. (Fox SW)

There is around a 0 percent chance I won’t watch this.

Looks dece.

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