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Daily Bullets: Gundy says ‘no comment’ on Texas

Bowl picks, Mason Rudolph talks (for now), Dez mic’d up.




Missed this a while back but OSU as the 22nd best job in the country? (Sports on Earth)

Good stuff from Eamonn Brennan on Markel Brown. (ESPN)


Wow, Gundy goes “no comment” on his interest in the Texas job. (NewsOK)

Pat Forde picks Mizzou. (Yahoo)

Mike Gundy has never been to a NFL game. (Tulsa World)

Tyler Patmon still cares about bowl eligibility. (Scout)

Dez mic’d up is all kinds of insanity. via @carsonc5 (Dallas Cowboys)

Mason Rudolph talks like a seasoned vet. College, that is. (PFB)

Ubben picks Mizzou as well. What a homer. (Fox SW)

Amazing headline here on Yurcich. (Tulsa World)

SEC! SEC! … (Big 12 Sports)

Picking games by FPI is interesting. Seems like there’s money to be made. (ESPN)

UCF is going to get torched by Baylor. It was the luckiest team in college football. (ESPN Insider)

This on coaching secrecy is pretty interesting. (Fox SW)

Tyreek Hill, not slow. (PFB)

We got a “back at it” yesterday! (okstate)

Cool Charlie Moore quote in here. Makes me miss college. (NewsOK)

This is hilarious, the Texas head coach bracket. h/t Mike Sherman (Sports Illustrated)

The megacast of the title game sounds dumb. I want less, not more. (CBS Sports)

Oh wow, Tre Mason’s sock game is insane. (CBS Sports)

This sounds legit: Baker Mayfield to walk on at OU. (Fox SW)


OSU girls are 9-0. (ESPN)

Crush me if you want but this on the Duck Dynasty thing is good. (TGC)

A full-sized Lego car powered by air? (Digg)

Augusta National gingerbread house. (CBS Sports)

Friday Night Lights for $37?! (Amazon)

The NCAA doesn’t have a legal right to protect student-athletes. Nice. (Washington Times)

This on sports media predictions for 2014 is really fun. (SBJ)

Kendrick Perkins and Joakim Noah, beefin.’ (Big Lead)

This never ever ever ever gets old. (CBS Sports)

I don’t like Fox News, or the guy who wrote this for that matter, but this is good. (Jeff Pearlman)

I no understand what this is.

Love him now, loved him more then.

This is hilarious.

Here’s Gundy’s Cotton Bowl presser.

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