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Daily Bullets: Gundy stacks wins (and paper)

Glenn Spencer on the greatness of his defense, Chuck Moore on returning to Texas, Gladwell on CTE, and everybody picks OSU this weekend.



I’m looking for three club tickets for the Baylor game if anybody knows somebody who’s selling. I will (hopefully this is obvious) pay for them. Just email me at kyle dot goodwin dot porter at gmail dot com. Thanks.


Spencer: “We couldn’t do the things we’re doing if we didn’t have good players.” I forgot the Ash pass last year came on fourth down. 🙁 Great post on the defense, though. (ESPN)

Cool post here by OKC Dave on what games will be an issue for the top five teams and why. (Football Study Hall)

OSU No. 15 in the Deadspin poll. (Deadspin)

Jemal Singleton: “I don’t care if all five linemen pass out, you’ve got to find a way to get back to the line of scrimmage.” Good piece here. (Fox SW)

Berry has OSU by 10. (NewsOK)

Oklahoma State has a top three football + hoops program right now. (PFB)

Oh my, Hawaii’s rainbow unis! (Deadspin)

I honestly feel better knowing Texas’ players are all in on Case. (NewsOK)

Gundy: “We don’t worry about where we’re ranked or where others see us. We just worry about stacking wins.” Stacking wins! Also Mason Rudolph says he wants to be like Brandon Weeden. Great post here. (ESPN)

Preview of Texas on offense. (CRFF)

John Hoover and “The Picker” take Texas, everybody else takes the Pokes. (Tulsa World)

Everybody is picking OSU this weekend. Crap. (ESPN)

Chuck Moore: “As soon as Oklahoma State was in the picture and the opportunity to play football here, there wasn’t any question (where I would go to school). The best thing about it now is my brother and both my parents are big Cowboy fans now. I know they’re not going to be rooting for Texas at all this week.” (NewsOK)

TMZ is all in on Jameis. (Big Lead)


Some great pics from the Utah Valley game. (Flickr)

Interesting — general admission tickets can be had for the Memphis game but if you’re a student, you might not get in. (okstate)

Goofy tall white guy from Oklahoma town signs with Oklahoma State. Stop me if you’ve heard this. (Scout)

Kentucky is being mocked. Which is great. (Yahoo)

Don’t call charges in the last two minutes of games? Do what? (O’Colly)

I’m not sure Kamari Murphy knows what the word “complacent” means. (Tulsa World)

Should have taken Oladipo. (Deadspin)

James Anderson and the 76ers aren’t tanking. (Big Lead)


Entrepreneurs don’t want to go to the party. They want to throw their own. Hell yes. (LinkedIn)

On making things people want. (Inside Intercom)

Why didn’t Tumblr turn out like Twitter? (Forbes)

Switzerland wants to pay people just to be alive. (New York Times)

I wrote this about some of my friends in Dallas. Pretty proud of it (and them). (Village Church)


What the..


Gladwell on football. Great stuff. I struggle with this as a college football blogger.

“Josh beat the system.” (This will be on CBS on Sunday)

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