Daily Bullets: How to beat Baylor

Written by Kyle Porter


Here’s Bill Snyder with the blueprint on how to beat Baylor. (NewsOK)

Remember how the team that lost to the team that hadn’t won a conference game since 2010 is the reason Oklahoma State isn’t 10-0? (Grantland)

Have MERCY! Via @johnwsnyder (Nike)

How OSU can win the Big 12: [copy/paste “Just win, baby.”] (B/R)

Bill Snyder is the best, Part XXIX. (CBS Sports)

Haha, thanks for the recruits, SI! (NewsOK)

Spencer on Baylor: “The kids aren’t blind. They turn on the film and see them scoring at will. Our guys know what they want to do. It’s going to be fun.” (247)

OSU expected wins: 9.81. (Football Study Hall)

Pokes get team of the week. (ESPN)

Gundy calls Bryce Petty the most accurate Big 12 QB of the last few years. Wow. (NewsOK)

Why you should bet on OSU Saturday against Baylor. (CBS Sports)

Five things OSU exposed in Texas’ team. (ESPN)

Mike Gundy has only been this big of an underdog three other times at home in his career. (PFB)

Good quote in here from Parker Graham about how good OSU is at pretty much every sport right now. (O’Colly)

The meme at the bottom of this post is pretty hilarious. (CRFF)

On the two best offenses and defenses in the Big 12 lining it up on Saturday. (Tulsa World)

OSU has had a conference player of the week in nine of the 10 weeks it has played a game. (Big 12 Sports)

Berry on OSU’s defense — great article here. (NewsOK)

Is the Big 12 the third-best conference? (ESPN)

Oh we’ve got a mess on our hands in Norman. (B/R)

This girl is trying to get on Gameday, you can help her out. (Facebook)

Only in the Big 12 has there been a coup. (ESPN)

Is anyone else sort of bored by the Heisman race? (CBS Sports)

Gundy: “Once we played so poorly at West Virginia, our message to the plays was each week they have to go out and compete no matter what’s in line.” (Fox SW)

Checking, checking, checking…yep, still not over it. “A miracle at Jordan-Hare! A miracle at Jordan-Hare!” (CBS Sports)


Josh Pastner on tonight: “We know how good Oklahoma State is, how good their players are, their talent, Travis Ford is a tremendous coach and we know we’re going to have to play our ‘A’ game.” (ESPN)

Note in here I didn’t realize: Travis Ford now has the third-most wins in OSU history. (Big 12 Sports)

Ford on Memphis: “When you look out there and you see Joe Jackson and Dixon, there’s no two quicker guards in the country. There’s not. Nowhere. You’re talking about quickness, experience.” (O’Colly)

Ford on why it’s hard to get teams to come to GIA. (Tulsa World)

Good Big 12 basketball follows on Twitter. Appreciate it, guys. (Rush the Court)

Smart on Memphis: “Like I’ve been telling everybody, this is what you live for, these type of moments right here. Two good teams going at it, two highly ranked teams, very well known teams, so it’ll be a great game.” Also love that Ford admits to pumping every team OSU plays. (Scout)

I love Ford trolling his own backcourt here. Tonight is going to be great. (NewsOK)


Peter Uihlein is your European Tour rookie of the year. (CBS Sports)

We’re the Alabama of wrestling recruiting. (okstate)

One billion hands. (Deadspin)

Are the weekends too short? (Business Insider)

Tom Brady f-bomb. (Big Lead)

Cool Peter Uihlein story from the UAE here. (CRFF)

Wow, this is pretty good. via Lindsay Rother.

I kept waiting for something to happen..

I’ll watch.

Dude is nuts.

  • Michael Lane

    Love Baylors story, but that comes to an end this saturday. 41-38 POKES

  • Laith

    Kansas actually got team of the week in that espn article

  • OSU-Bill

    OSU really is the Bama of wrestling. Flipping the number one ranked wrestler, a kid from Pennsylvania, from current national champions Penn. State?! Just incredible.

    Also, Ford has been a really good recruiter. Is there some way to keep Ford as the head coach for recruiting but hire some “game coordinator” assistant to actually coach the team?

    • TeaTown Cowboy

      Yah, that was impressive. I wonder if PSU has a younger kid at the recruit’s weight who is well established, i.e. a stud?

      • OSU-Bill

        The kid wrestles at 170 in HS. I’m not sure if he’s planning on going up to 174 or down to 165 in college. PSU’s David Taylor has the current #1 rank at 165. He’s a senior. By the way, OSU’s Caldwell is the #2 (also a senior). OU’s Andrew Howe is ranked #1 at 174, and OSU ‘s Chris Perry (a total stud) is ranked #2. Again, both are seniors. Marsteller could be the start er at either weight as a freshman.

        • TeaTown Cowboy

          Thanks! Bill Harlow by any chance? 🙂

          • OSU-Bill

            Ha, THE Bill Harlow? I wish. No, just a fan.

          • TeaTown Cowboy

            Ohhhh, well, you’re quite knowledgeable about what’s going in the wrestling world these days. I actually know Bill’s son Ian.

      • OSU-Bill

        Gee, I nearly forgot about Matt Brown at Penn. State. He’s a junior at 174 and really good. He faced Perry in the NCAA finals this past year. Maybe that contributed to the decision. Still, an impressive steal for the Cowboys.

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    “Pokes get team of the week. (ESPN)” — Actually they gave it to Kansas….you stopped reading, IJS. 😛