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Daily Bullets: Is OSU a top 15 team?

Jameis is back, golf/tennis previews, Matt Holliday’s hands.




Baylor has more ESPN top 300 commits than Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, OSU, OU, and TCU…combined. (ESPN)

Finally getting jealous of The Boone! (CBS Sports)

I think OSU could (should?) be higher on this defensive line list. (ESPN)

Vance Bedford should probably get off Twitter. (CBS Sports)

OSU ranked No. 14 in the post-spring top 25. The projection model is based primarily off program trajectory, and few teams have as strong a profile as Oklahoma State. But this team, more than any other in the Top 25, may have the most precarious outlook for 2014. (ESPN Insider)

Baylor has a WR arrested. Has 29 more to take his place. (CBS Sports)

David Shaw on scheduling: If we’re going to go to a playoff, and feed into one playoff system, we all need to play by the same rules.” (Fox SW)

Jameis Winston is back. Do something else stupid this summer, please. (NewsOK)

Dawson Bassett on who had the biggest impact on his career: “My brother (Cooper Bassett), most definitely. I’ve been looking up to him since I began playing competitive sports. He’s always been my idol. I love the guy to death. He’ll text me every week and ask me how I’m doing. He’ll ask me to send him film and stuff like that.” (okstate)

Bike Mike. (EDSBS)


Well this doesn’t sound good for Oregon hoops. (CBS Sports)

This sounds like a reasonable reason to get fired, no? (Sports Illustrated)


Six straight wins for the Pokes. Good recap of the last week here from Aaron Schnautz. (PFB)

Uh…if you’re going to rip a headline…. (O’Colly)


Good NCAA tennis preview here. (O’Colly)

OSU is the top seed but not hosting golf regionals… (okstate)

Tim Kurkjian on Matty Holliday’s hands is amazing. (Big Lead)

Wes Welker was making it rain at the Kentucky Derby. (Deadspin)

Preseason top 25. OSU nowhere to be found. (Big Lead)

WordPress — the platform this site is built upon — is worth $1.2 billion. (re/code)

A good way to use 15-20 minutes at the end of your day. (Fast Company)

This on how we ready is spectacular. I ignored the advice at the end. (Medium)

I definitely don’t agree with everything he says, but the talk itself is very interesting.

This is hilarious.

OSU not involved but this is cool.


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