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Daily Bullets: ‘It felt like that Memphis game’

Smart contradicts himself, Mt. Rushmore of Big 12 coaches, Josh Stewart’s 40.




Ford: “We have spent an extensive amount of time the last three days passing the ball. I’ve never done as many ball movement drills as I have these last three days.” (NewsOK)

We’re not ninth anymore in Ubben’s power poll. (Fox Sports SW)

Smart: “Positive energy is kinda weird. It becomes contagious. Losing was very contagious. With this victory, if we can play like we played today, maybe that can become contagious, and we can start a different streak. A winning streak.” (ESPN)

Should Wichita State be No. 1? (Yahoo)

Ford says he’s had players in tears in his office because of stuff people have said about them on social media. I still think the strangest part of the last week is that Smart still hasn’t referenced what I was talking about specifically that actually set him off. He responded on Twitter to a post about baseball. (NewsOK)

Keiton Page: “I told some of them when we were going through this tough patch, it just takes one win, one big play at the end of the game to turn things around,” he said. “I felt like that’s what we did my freshman year.” (Tulsa World)

Chances are that if the selection committee were meeting this weekend, the Cowboys would land in the bracket. (Sports Illustrated)

Nash: “It felt like that Memphis game. Marcus was the difference, just getting him back. He just controlled the whole game. It was an A+ performance from him. If feels real good. Now we need to start a win streak. We need to keep pushing.” (Tulsa World)

Who knows if Ford even would want to keep coaching at a place that was growing so disenchanted with his product? (NewsOK)

Travis Ford’s GIFs are jealous of this Jim Boeheim GIF. (CBS Sports)

Is OSU having bad luck with its quick-turnaround schedule? Can you imagine Kansas being like “gosh, hate all these Big Monday games”? (NewsOK)

Smart: “It was just fun for the first time in a long time.” (Scout)

Smart last week: “It’s never going to stop getting fun. I’ve been having a blast, and I plan to keep having a blast.” He did this a little bit in giving reasons (wrist, improvement, didn’t beat Oregon, love for OSU, etc.) for why he came back but I feel like he kind of says what he thinks you want to hear at the moment.. (O’Colly)

My 10 thoughts on OSU-Tech. (PFB)


How about a Mt. Rushmore of Big 12 coaches.. (ESPN)

Our new offensive line coach on Mike Price: “He’s like a father to me. Just a great, great, great friend, great man, great football coach.” Oh. (NewsOK)

Kingsbury from the top rope on Saban. (Fox Sports SW)

This from Jimmie Tramel on the penalties OU and OSU received in the early 1990s is excellent. Must read. (Tulsa World)

Josh Stewart’s 40 at the Combine was not impressive. (NewsOK)

We have the fifth-best everything in the Big 12. (ESPN)


The Cowwomen move to 21-5 on the season. I think it might be time for me to jump on that bandwagon.. (O’Colly)

I’m not sure our baseball team has a bad uniform. These things are incredible. (Flickr)

Good wrestling headline here. And we rolled on Friday. (O’Colly)

How cruel was this putt by Rickie Fowler? (Big Lead)

A Colin Kaepernick-JFF “race.” (Big Lead)

The end of the Match Play Championship was a pretty wild ride. (CBS Sports)

Wrestling highlights.

“Big play for the Cowboys.”

Tech highlights.


Am I the only one who doesn’t think these are that impressive?

So awesome. JT = freak.

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