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Daily Bullets: James Dickey returns to Stillwater

OSU’s worst losses ever, Myles2Texas, Royce on KD is terrific.




I don’t love the ranking of college football teams, either. Just let the thing play out. (NewsOK)

For some reason I have the Ole Miss Cotton bowl somewhere on this list and maybe the UH game at home. (SB Nation)

Does OSU have the third best receivers in the Big 12? I think that’s probably fair. (ESPN)

Suspend him! Kick him out of school! He’s a thief! (CBS Sports)

Interesting tidbit here: Walsh was sacked just 2.6 percent of the time, while Knight was sacked just 2.9 percent of the time. (ESPN)

I posted this yesterday but OSU is getting made fun of for getting Cotton Bowl rings.. (B/R)


James Dickey returns to Stillwater, officially. (ESPN)

Ford on Dickey: “I’ve known Coach Dickey for 25 years going all the way back to when he recruited me at Kentucky and I have always respected and been impressed by the kind of person and coach that he is. I’ve enjoyed renewing our relationship the last couple weeks. He brings incredible experience, knowledge and familiarity with this area and with OSU. I’m excited about him helping us reach the next level.” (NewsOK)

Myles Turner’s bucket hat! (ESPN)

Man, if Turner is decent Texas is going to be solid. Kansas will beat them by 20 in AFH, but they’ll be solid. (Sports Illustrated)


This by Royce on KD is excellent. Studying KD is the best. (Daily Thunder)

Pokes shut out Shockers. (O’Colly)

This graphic about how many pro athletes I’m older than is sort of strange. Not depressing, but odd. (Deadspin)

This Great Discontent interview I read on Paul Sahre is good. Not the best I’ve read on there, but solid. (Great Discontent)

This kiss went badly at the Raptors game. (Deadspin)

Pretty great golf trick shot video. (CBS Sports)

This is definitely how you play a ball off a wall. (Deadspin)

I don’t know why this made me laugh to see it on YouTube but here’s the NCAA tennis selection show.

The Biden joke was terrific.

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