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Daily Bullets (Jan. 20): West End Zone Opens Up, What (May Have) Convinced Chuba to Stay



Happy Monday – Pokes have a  good shot to get a W tomorrow in Ames. 

Bullets Rundown

• West end zone opens up
• What the Chuba pitch was
• New spot for Dziagwa


• WBB: Iowa State 64, Cowgirls 63

OSU Bullets

• Brilliant move here by OSU athletics – they’re moving the band in the football stadium.

Since 2009, when the Boone Pickens Stadium renovation was completed, the OSU marching band has been positioned in a section immediately beyond the west end zone.

Not anymore. Starting this year, the band will be located at the northwest corner of the stadium – in the heart of the student section. It’s a smart play. The result should be a doubling of the energy and noise emanating from that corner of the stadium. [TulsaWorld]

I wonder if the end zone seats sell easier than the ones in the corner – that has to be the underlying assumption, right? The idea of consistent noise from that corner is great if you can sell tickets for the end zone.

Mike Gundy talked about how he convinced Chuba Hubbard to stay – he got ahead of it with his pitch.

“We got out front early on where he stood and where we thought he could improve,” Gundy told The Oklahoman this week. “I think he realizes he’s only 20 years old. He’s only played 15 games at this level. At his position, it’s such a physical game.

“The thing I shared with him, I don’t want to be the one to tell him he should have gone. He has the most upside with any player we’ve had, to come back.

“Chuba has a chance to be a three-down back (in the NFL). That’s my opinion.” [NewsOK]

That logic still blows by me – it’s just hard to imagine him coming out with a higher stock than he has now.

• A wrinkle I loved on Saturday was the zag with Thomas Dziagwa.

Dziagwa, who has struggled this Big 12 season, didn’t even appear in the starting lineup as coach Mike Boynton opted to have freshman Avery Anderson III in his place.

When Dziagwa did come into the game, he immediately sunk a 3-pointer.

The Cowboys were steamrolling over the Bears in the first half. They didn’t look like a team that’s on a four-game losing streak. [O’Colly]

The ability to inject offensive talent into a stagnating offense is really nice… There’s a reason the NBA gives an award to the best sixth-man (and they’re never defenders).

• Sighted in Stillwater: an offense.

• I’m still really curious as to what happens with the car dealership-social media post with Chuba

• Crazy to think it’s been 25 years since that Final Four run to Seattle:

Non-OSU Bullets

• Tricking your brain into keeping resolutions
• Holding back on the Chris Paul-trade-to Miami has worked out well for everyone

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