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Daily Bullets (January 10)



Planning Issues

Stuck in my craw were some thoughts that Berry Tramel had post-CFP championship on the future of college football – first the setup by the SEC:

Just applying simple mathematics, a selection committee would be faced with hard choices. How in the name of Amos Alonzo Stagg could a format be adopted in which a conference championship not be included in the criteria? How do you whittle down such an unwieldy collection of candidates? Seems like a league championship would be the first place you’d start.

Sure, it’s an inexact science. But that doesn’t mean you throw all the science out the window.

But SEC political clout prevented that provision from being enacted. Perhaps the SEC had help, I don’t know; the Big Ten always has visions of grandeur. Instead of establishing perfectly reasonable criteria — win your league and you get a chance to win the nation — the conference commissioners voted for total abstraction. [NewsOK]

Instead of giving the committee a structured worksheet to check boxes, you gave them a blank canvas to paint on in a room with Paul Finebaum blaring in the background.

College football is not in danger of becoming a regional niche enterprise. This isn’t the National Hockey League or NASCAR. But you can get there from here. Sports and leagues do not have forever status. Baseball, boxing and horse racing once ruled the American sporting landscape. The former still is hanging in there, but the other two are ghosts of their former selves.

College football clearly is America’s No. 2 national pastime, trailing only the NFL. But college football’s decision-makers have done it no favors. They’ve been outsmarted by the SEC. [NewsOK]

The more you see Bama-LSU/Georgia, you’re more likely that TV sets in Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Dallas start to tune out. (Not yet but eventually)

I’m not advocating for a Pac-12 participation trophy but sign me up for Cinderella, killing the conference championship games and going to eight teams.

Keep on Climbing

Kyle Boone, in his neutral capacity for CBS, has the Pokes climbing in his power rankings of the Big 12.

Picked to finish last in the Big 12 preseason, Mike Boynton’s led Oklahoma State to an impressive 11-4 mark and is fresh off an overtime win over Iowa State on Saturday. Additionally, the Pokes have three winnable games upcoming — at Kansas State, at home against Texas, and on the road against Baylor before round two of Bedlam in Stillwater on Jan. 20.

Win two of four in that stretch, and they would be in good position moving forward to stay out of the cellar of the league. [CBS Sports]

Over the next few games, the Pokes will play against Boone’s No. 6, 7, and 9 teams – a perfect opportunity to build some momentum before Bedlam part deux.

It’s a solid read – enjoy how low the Sooners are 🙂 and take a peek at who has the best shot at upsetting Kansas.

OSU and NCAA Notes

See where the Pokes ranked (AP) throughout the season….Gundy was his stoic self watching the title-winning play….One area where every Big 12 team must improve in 2018….If you’re already suffering from withdrawals (232 days), the best games of 2018’s opening weekend of college football

Man the last few championships have been awesome.

(Basketball) Conference realignment has been fantastic to the Big 12.

Gundy Badger don’t care.

If I could take the other end of these Michigan odds:

Given the final play of the NCG – this is insane.

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