Daily Bullets (January 10)

Written by Kyle Porter

Good morning — Clemson slayed the monster, and guess which team that wears orange from northeast Oklahoma opened with the same title odds for next year as Clemson? That’s right.

Pickens mini-stroke

Pretty scary news out of Boone Pickens’ camp this week.

According to his chief of staff, Jay Rosser, Pickens was hospitalized at Baylor University Medical center “briefly for a few days.” “He is undergoing daily speech therapy with marked progress daily,” Rosser said. “Boone is aggressively tackling this as he does any challenge. That’s why he said he’s going to be an old man who makes another comeback. [Dallas Morning News]

Hope he gets better quickly.

Playoff Dates Moving

Berry Tramel writes about how the College Football Playoff semifinals don’t really have a home.

This season was less of a problem. New Year’s Eve fell on a Saturday, so the Bama-Washington Peach Bowl drew 19.344 million viewers, up 23 percent from the OU-Clemson Orange Bowl in the same timeslot the year before. The Clemson-Ohio State Fiesta Bowl drew 19.236 million viewers, up three percent from the Alabama-Michigan State Cotton Bowl in the time slot. So the real difference was in the day game – masses of people weren’t at work during the playoff game this season. [NewsOK]

I think it’s pretty silly that the playoff isn’t on New Year’s every year with the title game a week later.

New scheduling for the Big 12?

Jenni Carlson on how the Big 12 should be a pioneer in scheduling over the next few years.

And yet, that’s what many Big 12 fans are forced to do when their team plays a home game against a lower-division opponent. If it’s part of the season-ticket package, you have no choice but to fork over the cash for a game against an FCS opponent.

Only three teams in the Big 12 — Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas — have no FCS opponent on their schedule next season. They are the exception to the rule. Should be the other way around. [NewsOK]

I’m just glad we don’t have a multi-directional FCS team on the schedule [takes a loooong hard look at South Alabama].

Pokes in top 12 everywhere

PFF has OSU there, too.

If a team has a good quarterback, it will always have a chance, and that’s precisely the case with Oklahoma State, who welcome back QB Mason Rudolph for his final season. Rudolph finished 2016 with a 92.3 overall grade, and a 90.0 passing grade, both marks ranked second among quarterbacks. Rudolph has shown good progression throughout his time in Stillwater, he posted a 69.0 grade in limited action as a true freshman, then an 86.4 grade in his first full season as a starter in 2015. The Cowboys he takes yet another step forward in 2017, to make them a legitimate playoff contender. [PFF]

This reminds me so, so much of 2011. I was more confident then, though, for some reason. This could go really well. Or it could go really, really badly. Like “me trying to tackle Bo Scarbrough” badly.

More OSU

Great uniform roundup here from the dudes over at CRFFThe good, the bad and the ugly so far from the Pokes (I don’t think OSU is a bad defensive team, I think they are an average one — we just gonna ignore turnover percentage?) … Oklahoma State’s greatest players ever. Tomorrow night would be a nice win.

More Sports

Mic’ing up college basketball coaches for the entire game (this is fascinating) … Dabo houses Colin Cowherd!


More PFB

The Jordan Sterns-shaped hole left behind … Three questions for the week in hoops … Justice Hill was a freshman All-American … this guy could be Sterns’ replacement … Vegas had OSU as a top nine favorite for 2017 … Pokes have plenty of opportunities to right the ship in Big 12 Conference play … ESPN has OSU at No. 7!

More Stuff I’m Reading

The Keeping It 1600 guys are moving … Facebook is going to start rolling out mid-roll ads … Entitlement is a choice.

  • Stepdaddy

    Sorry to hear about Mr. Pickens. I hope he recovers soon. Common on Gundy win another conference championship and get OSU into the play off before he passes!

  • CowPoke

    When will people learn on Texas…

  • Media Bias

    OU finished one spot in front of the team that housed them in Norman?!?

    • DylanH

      Come on man, get your head out of the hole. OU finished undefeated in the Big 12 and pretty easily beat the 2nd or 3rd best team in the SEC. While Ohio State finished without winning its conference (or division) as well as getting shut out in a playoff game. The ranking is not about how you start but instead about how you finish (i.e. USC).

      • Media Bias

        Prima facie, we all know who the better team is. OU was a beneficiary of their weaker match-ups throughout the rest of the season. Does head-to-head not mean anything anymore? The better team won by a mile!

        • DylanH

          Ohio State’s conference schedule was garbage, good wins over Wisconsin and a 2 OT over Michigan (with an injured QB). Please find me one more win that is better than any midlevel Big 12 win.

          • Saucy Takes

            How can you rank a team that housed OU with the same record behind them???

          • DylanH

            So reward Ohio State for doing worse as the season ended and then got shut out in their bowl game? I get that we all hate OU here but come on. Do I think OU is a better team, no. But do they deserve the higher ranking absolutely. One team slowly declined and the other got better.

          • Saucy Takes

            I wouldnt say one team declined One team finished the year playing Penn state 1st place Big 10 champ Michigan, and Clemson National champion.. The other team finished the year playing West Virginia 3rd place big 12 blown out in bowl, us runner up in big 12 and Auburn 8-5.

          • DylanH

            You missed that 1 point win over 3-9 Michigan state. You mention West Virginia getting blown out in a bowl but don’t seem to care about Ohio State getting beat 31-0. You have to punish a team for losing. Since week 3 OU lost 0 times, Ohio State lost twice.

      • Saucy Takes

        whats the point of head to head anymore

        • Ryan

          Central Michigan > OSU > Pitt > Clemson!!!

          • Saucy Takes

            except Central Mich failed to play pitt or clemson and won 6 games.

        • scott

          Don’t run through life with your horse blinders on. Try to look at more than just 1 point and consider other factors. Of course it matters, H2H, but you know damned well that’s not the only thing to look at. If it was, Pitt would be #1. No, wait, we would! Wait….. Baylor probably. Wait… damn it… H2H matter but isn’t all that matters. Running through 10 straight wins to complete the season matters a hell of a lot more than a week 3 H2H win.

          Hate for a rival is a beautiful thing, but you gotta let this go, Saucy.

          • Saucy Takes

            You are a moron… If you have two teams… That have the same record, with the same strength of schedule I’d say OU’s was much easier… Then Head to Head must be the first factor. We aren’t looking at 6-7 central Michigan vs Pitt 8-5… Think outside the box..

  • Scott

    2011 had a better secondary and probable better star at WR and RB, definitely better OL. 2017 will have better DL and more depth at WR. IMO, next year largely depends on our quality of depth at the CB position.

  • Saucy Takes

    Jenni might be the most obnoxious sports writer i have ever met and should probably just write about womens basketball