Daily Bullets (January 11)

Written by Steven Mandeville
Just Off the Podium

TulsaWorld’s Guerin Emig is giving the Pokes a solid pre-season power ranking (fourth) – and pointing to the right question.

Seems that 2018 swings on Gundy’s go-to position. If you’re anticipating the arrival of Spencer Sanders and wondering if a true freshman can capably take the reins from an upperclassman like Rudolph, maybe you should rewatch the second half of the national championship.

This isn’t to say Sanders is the second coming of Tua Tagovaiola, but we can deduce this much: Either you have it or you don’t. The Cowboys had better hope Sanders has it. [TulsaWorld]

It’s so wild how Gundy can cover up holes with a quarterback and Texas can’t fill up enough hills to cover the gap at quarterback.

Scoring by Committee

Can three talented offensive players equal one Jawun Evans?

The Cowboys’ offensive stars, like Jeffrey Carroll and Tavarius Shine, maintain team-first attitudes. Graduate transfer Kendall Smith is working to find the best ways for him to lead the team at point guard.

“Every single play is competitive,” said Smith, who transferred from Cal State Northridge. “You can’t take plays off. And when you’re a leader on the team, you’ve got to come out and prove that every single night.” [NewsOK]

It’s really nice to have a team-first approach – and it’s easy to cheer for. Feels like that’s a big differentiator in college basketball and the pros. As long as somebody’s on to take that last shot!

OSU and NCAA Notes

Sign me up for four-games-and-redshirt….Porter chats with HCS about the 2017 season….Check the initial Heisman odds for 2018….Nick Saban’s dynasty is climbing the charts (and he’s got quite a following)….See how USA Today graded OSU’s 2018 season

This could be saucy, shades of O’Brien at Penn State here.

Talk about staying power.

Props to OSU GA for landing this gig.

The new ones are growing on me but I’ll take what Big Country’s got in first.

Bob Stoops is a shoe-in for this.

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  • Edmond Poke

    The 2018 Heisman odds list lost any credibility with me as soon as I saw Ehlinger’s name on it. No surprise that Justice Hill is not on it, but Ehlinger might not even start for Texas in 2018.

    • Gumby

      I’d put down $100 on Ehlinger – if the odds were 5,000 to 1.

  • David

    That sad part about that basketball uniform picture is how the crowd thins out as time passes by. I really hope Boynton can change that.

    • Aaron

      I think it will get a little better but I don’t think it will ever be what it was. I was in school for the 2004 Final Four run. We started standing in line DAYS ahead of time. The arena would look empty five minutes before tip, they would do introductions and you would look up and the place was packed. Like someone flipped a switch.

      I wish we could get back to that but I just don’t think the environment is the same to be able to expect it. It’s sad.

    • Josh

      just remember 2 of the 3 are before we raised the roof, not that it makes me feel any better.

  • Mullet Power

    what exactly is the tradition? i guess i don’t “get” the tweet

  • Brian Cassens

    I don’t like talking down on TX football. I don’t like Texas but they are far too potent at all times to not take very seriously. I remember blowing many leads to TX before 2011. I don’t want to be under their thumb again

  • Cory H

    Looking at the picture of the four players dunking, notice the attendance in the background starting from Big Country and going right.

  • Byron Houston was before Country. Well, except for Country’s freshman year, I suppose…
    (What a nit-picky comment!!!)