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Daily Bullets (January 28)



On Ben Grogan’s Replacement

There will be no guarantees that McClure sees the field next season as the Cowboys’ return Matt Ammendola, a sophomore in 2017 who handled kickoff duties and long-range field goal attempts a season ago. However, McClure doesn’t lack the confidence to compete starting in fall camp. Standing at 6-foot-4, his athletic frame is longer than most of his counterparts at the position. McClure aims to use it as leverage. He’s currently listed at 196 pounds. [NewsOK]

A freshman kicker to go along with a potential playoff team. Gulp. I think I prefer giving Ammendola first, second and third dibs.

Eddie back in GIA (hopefully)

“Eddie built the Arkansas program, and he brought our program back,” said Larry Reece, OSU administrator, voice of the Cowboys and Sutton confidant. “The effects of Eddie Sutton on these two programs will forever be felt.”

More fitting: Sutton, health willing, plans to attend as his two old schools collide in a Big 12/SEC Challenge matchup on an afternoon when OSU will also Remember The Ten, one day following the 16th anniversary of the plane crash that took the lives of 10 members of the basketball traveling party returning from a game at Colorado. [NewsOK]

It’s going to be a shame if Eddie doesn’t get into the Hall of Fame before he passes away.

OSU Takes Mizzou

So Mizzou took OSU to the edge on Friday night in Columbia, but the Pokes prevailed (barely).

With the score tied 16-16 in the highly-anticipated dual between No. 7 Missouri and top-ranked Oklahoma State, Tigers freshman 285-pounder Austin Myers faced off against Oklahoma State senior Austin Schafer. Myers, who trailed 4-0 early, fell 9-1. Missouri (9-3) fought back from an early 11-0 deficit before taking a 20-16 loss in front of an announced crowd of 2,509 people, the fifth-largest in program history. [KC Star]

It has been fun to cover wrestling this year. You guys be sure and follow Lee Cothran who is doing a great job writing about it for us.

Defensive Stands

In the six losses, OSU allowed 85.7 points per game on 50 percent shooting. In the two wins: 70 points per game on 41.5 percent shooting. OSU had a negative rebounding margin in its losses, but was plus-4 per game against Texas Tech and TCU. The biggest difference: The Cowboys have gone from allowing 40.3 points per game in the paint to 23. [Tulsa World]

Part of this is playing teams that aren’t as good as the first six you played. The other part is that OSU is legitimately playing more sound defense these days. Hope that keeps up against Arkansas.

Underwood on Forte

“It’s been fun to watch him grow this year because I’ve put different demands on him than have been on him in the past,” Underwood said. “This has become his team. Part of the resurgence is him, and his ability to understand to be a leader sometimes you have to be confrontational. You can’t always be liked by your teammates. There’s a time and a place. To watch his growth in that area has been remarkable.”

Forte has also resumed his role as a feared shooter. He has made 25-of-50 3-pointers in Big 12 play, a 50-percent mark that ranks third behind only Kansas’ Frank Mason and Forte’s teammate Jeffrey Carroll. He was 4-of-4 from deep in the streak-snapping 83-64 win over Texas Tech last Saturday. [Tulsa World]

I like Mean Phil. He’s been a pleasure to watch over the past 11 years.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Uhhhh …. Baylor? I do want to let that play out a little bit the same way we wanted everyone to let the Thayer thing play out, but not off to a roaring start … Vincent Taylor will participate in the All-Star Football Challenge at Jerryworld (hopefully catching passes from Mahomes) … Great stuff here on which non-Power 5 coaches are ready to be Power 5 coaches.


Big sports day in Stillwater on Saturday.

That photo.

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