Daily Bullets (July 14)

Written by Steven Mandeville
Answer(ed) the Question

ESPN says the only question to be answered on the Cowboy offense is in the left tackle position.

The Cowboys are loaded everywhere on offense, including the line, where the only big question to begin the spring involved left tackle. Aaron Cochran, an accomplished grad transfer from Cal, provided a resounding answer and immediately plugs a hole in the lineup.

But he needs to use the preseason to mesh with everyone around him. At such an important position to QB Mason Rudolph, Cochran must be ready to perform in September as if he has been with the Cowboys for years. [ESPN]

Coming out of the “Bear Raid” offense at Cal, the grad transfer should transition well. But to their point, it is a “transition”.

The Shallow End

Athlon ranked OSU’s running backs fifth in the conference based on the shallow pool of proven depth.

(Justice)vHill rushed for 1,142 yards and six scores as a true freshman last fall and will increase those totals with more opportunities as the lead back in 2017. (Chuba) Hubbard – a three-star recruit in the 2017 signing class – arrives from Canada this summer to push for the No. 2 job. If Hubbard doesn’t win the spot, junior Jeff Carr and redshirt freshmen Ja’Ron Wilson and LD Brown will factor into the No. 2 role. [Athlon Sports]

Impressive that the Cowboys are ahead of OU and Kansas State. And good luck telling this guy he doesn’t figure in.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Gundy’s offensive triplets were named in the top 100 players in CFB….Pokes are No. 34 in recruiting (Rivals) over last five years….Bama and Saban learning from their (one) loss….MLB’s new Bronx Bomber is tutored by a Holliday

Just a couple fiery orators – guaranteed that everyone left inspired.

Not sure what the Gundy’s are up to at the Mayo Clinic but incredible ambassadors for the brand (as usual).

An honest mistake, we’ve all been there. Believe the term is “wishful thinking”.

Best of wishes to friend of the site, Cowboy alumnus and now former beat writer covering the Pokes, Kyle Frederickson.

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Don’t spend your life making up your mind….Sometimes a silence diet could be helpful

Looking forward to this coming out next week.

  • kspokesfan

    Gundy continues to be a class act. Stop the presses!!! We are so lucky to have him.

  • Ric Willies

    Dunkirk looks awesome.

  • sjeffed

    Does anyone know when the first national polls will come out?

    • Chris

      Usually around beginning of Aug.

  • go pokes!

    kyle frederickson should defenitely stay in oklahoma….living in colorado i can tell you that this state is college football hell. no fans outside of the towns of their colleges, everyone is a bronco fan and could kinda care less about college football…..good luck to him though and thanks for all the past work

    • VACowboy

      You know…call me a homer but I never forgave Kyle for not picking OSU often enough when the DOK publishes their weekly picks. Can’t remember the exact games but it would make me hot under the collar when Kyle would pick another team over OSU even when we were favored. I know he is supposed to be objective and all but the dude was a Cowboy…bleed a little orange please!

      • CowPoke

        Would you rather he pick them every week no matter what? It’s just for fun anyway, it’s not like he was rooting for them to lose.

        • VACowboy

          I said I’m a homer so, yes, I would be happy if he picked them every game. Duh!