Episode 147: Josh Holliday

Written by PFB Staff

Kyle Porter and Carson Cunningham talk to Josh Holliday about recruiting, his brother Matt playing for the Yankees, the best player he’s ever seen and why he changed the uniforms when he got to Stillwater.

Music credit: Radio Rock / Dirt Road Traveler / Pepper Funk by Audionautix | Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License | (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

  • I haven’t heard much from Josh, so it was really cool to listen to the conversation with him. I’m ready to get that new Baseball stadium! Based on what I’ve heard within the program it sounds like we have all of the commitments solidified, we’re just waiting on the actual donations to come in.

  • David Einstein

    Gundy next? You guys are getting all of heavy hitters on here these days.

    • miller918

      Dang, you must have beat me by a few seconds. Completely agree, the past few guests have been really next level. Keep up the great work pistolguys!

  • miller918

    Sooo are you guys interviewing Gundy next month or what?