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Daily Bullets (June 13): Most Viewed of the Week, NCAA: Morality or Justice Police?



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I’m dragging at this early hour folks – in the middle of a crosstown move that I took only one day off work for (rookie dad mistake).

Two Thoughts

• I’m a resident Berry Tramel fanboy but I think he’s got to take his boy scout badge off and make a rational judgement on the Lamont Evans situation.

True, OSU got no competitive advantage from Evans’ brokering. But the NCAA, now more than ever, needs to show that it cares about the ballplayers. And when a coach is the conduit to connect a player with a financial agent, the NCAA gets interested quickly. By definition, a person who pays a coach to set up a meeting is unscrupulous. You could argue that is a bigger morality crime than paying a player who might help you reach the Sweet 16. [NewsOK]

The NCAA isn’t the morality police – it’s a governing institution put in place to make sure rules are followed. Mike Boynton and OSU basketball don’t have a history of hiring bad actors, get punitive if that’s the case. 

• My interpretation of this Cade Cunningham tweet: While we’re breaking down Cade Cunningham’s options, he’s concerned about what he’ll be doing for the next two to 20 years (getting to the NBA). 

Two Quotes

• Cowboy guard Ferron Flavors (via a wise teammate) shared an intuitive thought that Mike Boynton is likely to be using as a tool for roster retention.

“One of the guys was like, ‘Everybody tries to make it to the tournament to play the teams that are in our conference,’” Flavors said. “In our conference, you have Kansas, Baylor, Texas Tech, Iowa State, West Virginia, I can go on and on about the teams in our conference. When people talk, they want to go to the tournament, they want to play those teams.” [O’Colly]

Flavors’ teammate isn’t wrong – light up the Big 12 and you’ll get plenty of attention to get to your next step.

• Thank goodness, Chuba Hubbard’s mysterious tweeting about a coming announcement came and it was about a non-profit that he’s starting to benefit kids (both relieving and admirable).

It’s aimed to help kids who are in negative environments, kids who are in trouble, put them in positive environments and teach them life skills, leadership skills, really trying to help them develop as a person.
“The other aspect is to help families that are on welfare, help parents find jobs, help kids get an education… [PFB]

One Question

• How many football commits would it take to cancel out the bad basketball news this week? My vote: five-four star players would start to compensate.

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1: Five things to know about OSU’s plan to appeal

• No. 2: KU getting an NCAA benefit OSU isn’t? 

• No. 3: “Probably” 20 schools have reached out to Ice

• No. 4: Green twins commit to the Pokes

• No. 5: OSU Football recruiting went off on Wednesday

Non-OSU Bullets

• Get your pops a kitchy OSU item for 10% off here
• Solid faith-based piece on the monotony of the wilderness
• Enjoyed this faith-based book – if you liked Reason for God, you’ll probably like it

I liked this Clear quote

The two skills of modern business: Storytelling and spreadsheets.
Know the numbers. Craft the narrative.

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