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Daily Bullets (June 14): Blue-Chip Ratio Numbers Released for 2020

Oklahoma State is not among the elites, which is not a huge surprise.



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OSU Bullets

• The 2020 blue-chip ratio — which shows the teams that recruit over 50 percent 4- and 5- star players — is out, and this is the crux of the recruiting argument.

That is not to say that development does not matter. It certainly does. But nobody wins a national title by player development in lieu of elite recruiting. Plenty of coaches who are regarded as elite have never sniffed winning it all because they can’t get enough talent. On the other hand, there are examples of coaches who are not regarded as premier head men who have won it all thanks to elite recruits. [247]

The group at 80 percent and higher in terms of rostering blue-chip players (4- and 5-stars) is absolutely insane. Oklahoma State is mentioned alongside Oregon as a bad bet to win the national title because neither is above 50 percent. Could it happen? I suppose. Will it? History says there is no chance. This is why we holler about the importance of recruiting.

This is also why the current playoff system is flawed. As is pointed out in the article, it’s difficult to even make it to the playoff without being a blue-chip recruiting team, but the reason for that is because the playoff committee looks to those teams and says, “You have to not disprove that you are bad,” whereas it looks at OSU and says, “You must prove that you are good.” Because of recruiting rankings, teams start in different spots in terms of perception. Make the CFP conference champions and you remove this problem. Anyway, it’s a good article.

Reporting on COVID-19 cases during the season is going to be an absolute mess, isn’t it?

Good stuff here from Charlie Dickey on race relations in the U.S. and how the conversation has affected him personally.

• Good report here on how OSU basketball is planning on getting back together.

Interesting piece from Berry Tramel on players kneeling for the national anthem this fall. What he says about more of the country understanding and accepting it is both fascinating and true.

Nice breakdown of running backs OSU is still eyeing (also, my new favorite thing is the RA star system).

• Bob Stoops to … Iowa?

• We get to see Mason Cox on ESPN soon.

Non-OSU Bullets

• Disney NBA logos are awesome.

This on invisible insulation is excellent.

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