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Daily Bullets (June 19): Riding the Wave of Football Commitments



If you find yourself struggling to make it over the week’s midway point, just think about Mike Gundy doubling up on everybody else’s tenure coaching in Stillwater – you got this. 

Bullets Rundown

• Somebody opened the Keystone Lake floodgates of OSU football recruiting
• OSU QBs in the Big 12 scene
• Gundy talks floors and ceilings

OSU Bullets

• We’ve finally had a surge of movement on the football recruiting front – it seems like that happens this time of year for the Pokes.

(Jordan) Reagan makes the 13th overall commitment in the 2020 class for Oklahoma State as tight end/cowboy back prospect out of Salina Central, Quinton Stewart, committed shortly before marking the 12th overall commitment. He also marks the third commitment for the Cowboys in the past week also joining athlete Myles Price out of The Colony in Texas. [GoPokes]

Three in a week is pretty strong movement (Myles Price, Quinton Stewart, and Jordan Reagan) – these are the more fun parts of the offseason. I try to enjoy going down rabbit holes of recruiting videos and feeling good about landing recruits over other programs.

• Mike Gundy honed in on something really fun about following OSU football. 

“We’re really young in the defensive line, we’re limited somewhat and inexperienced at linebacker, (and there will be) a new quarterback,” Gundy said, “but (at) the other positions, we’re in really good shape.

“So, it’s always interesting in Stillwater. We know that. We’re one or two players, or three players, away from sometimes an 11-win season (or) a six-win season. But that makes it fun for us.” [TulsaWorld]

That’s a fantastic point – OSU’s really a few plays away from 11 or six wins every season. It’s both nerve-wracking and a blast, worth buying tickets for.

• If you’re ranking OSU’s quarterback situation among the other Big 12 schools, it’s tough to land the Pokes very high.

Why they’re No. 8: You don’t have to think too hard about his one. having a quarterback controversy is never a good thing for a program. If you have two, you don’t have one…Neither of these two have played in the Big 12 yet and so it is hard to give either of them the benefit of the doubt. [247 Sports]

With that being said – it’s hard to imagine a veteran like Dru Brown having much lower than a 7-win floor and it’s hard to imagine the Texas player of the year not having double-digit win upside, even early in his career.

• Cox zoomed in on this Josh Stewart punt return as one of the top Gundy Era’ plays – gosh that was fun.

Moving the three-point line back won’t hurt Dizzy’s feelings.

• Best wishes to our old friend Thomas as he starts his TV career.

Non-OSU Bullets

• The strategy behind Marvel’s blockbuster machine

• Excellent faith-based look at what a wrong perspective on worrying/anxiety is

• Doubling up on the faith-based stuff today but this was great perspective on dads

• I’m intrigued with the Lakers and the possibility of a third star – the players are a draw but the ownership is incredibly dysfunctional

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