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Daily Bullets (June 24)



Mediator of the Mikes

Cowboy Basketball head Mike B. weighed in on the latest round of Holder-Gundy relations.

Boynton, OSU’s second-year coach, told The Oklahoman on Thursday that he interpreted Holder’s comments as the athletic director’s desire for the Cowboys to be successful.

“I guess I could understand how it could be perceived that it was taking a shot at (Gundy),” Boynton said. “The way I viewed it was, this is a great program, and I would imagine that everybody wants to be the best that they can be here, and I don’t know if there’s any coach in the country that would tell you that they’re not a better coach with better players.

“I don’t know enough about football or football recruiting to really make a judgment on what good recruiting is, but I didn’t take it as a personal shot like (Gundy) wasn’t doing a good job.” [NewsOK]

Boynton is just such a likable guy, I enjoy his takes. I especially appreciated his laid-back way of tempering the comments: “Hey, everybody can recruit a little better. Let’s just move on.”

Also – while obviously, this feels like it should be dead by now, it’s June. Everything will be fine, let’s just enjoy having different perspectives to discuss.

Strength in Numbers

The Dallas Cowboys are replacing Dez Bryant – their all-time leader in touchdown catches – with a cast of characters looking to establish themselves again… How’s that going to turn out?

Looking for a bounce-back himself after the Cowboys missed the playoffs a year after he was the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year for the NFC East champs, Prescott won’t be trying to force the ball to a No. 1 receiver. That happened at times with Bryant.

“I think when you come out of minicamp, you kind of see that, when you see all the different guys we’re throwing to, the different guys that are running with the ones, different guys that are running with the twos,” Prescott said. “It’s about spreading the ball around, just going to the right place with the ball.” [NewsOK]

I’m genuinely torn on this one – so many different ways to look at it. Would you rather have James Blackmon and a host of third receivers or multiple NFL guys like Cowboy Football in 2017? OU saw the fighting Trae Young’s get worse and worse as they relied on one guy to carry the team.

Ultimately – there’s only one ball to be caught and if you’ve got an unstoppable force, you don’t need those other guys. But when “unstoppable” becomes less efficient, diminishing returns come into play and diversification wins the day. It appears Dallas has found themselves more in the second boat than the first.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Quick update on 2019 football recruiting class listing commits….Interesting thoughts on the price to hire a good revenue-producing sports coach citing OSU and OU examples….New SMU coach says the ultimate goal is to join the Big 12….Apparently, the NCAA president’s salary isn’t tied to public opinion….Kansas Jayhawks enter 2018 with the FBS’ longest bowl drought

I’ll be super interested to see how this guys career lines up against some of the other notable OSU inside receivers like Josh Cooper, Josh Stewart, and David Glidden.

Love that Henson is adding hoards of players like this.

Not a good sign, man.

Five out of eleven years ain’t too bad.

Junior high relationships last longer than this guys commitment to Tenessee. That might be longer than Gundy flirted talked with them though.

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