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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (June 26)



Football Misc.

One of about 900 All-Big 12 teams to be released between now and August. (Athlon)

Wanted to give a shout to CRFF for stepping up its blogging game of late. Ever since Whetsell took over a few years ago, they’ve been good, but Gerald has taken it up a notch this summer. Good reads everywhere. (CRFF)

I’m more interested that OSU isn’t taking Mason Rudolph than by who it is taking… (CRFF)

Adidas is intoxicated (yes, if these were Nikes, I’d be talking myself into them). (Yahoo)

It’s June. Every fan base in college football is in the midst of the game’s greatest annual tradition: Convincing itself that this is the year. Yep.  (Fox SW)

When will the Big 12 not be a mess? Here’s Bob Bowlsby responding to Daivd Boren: “I have not got the indication that the majority of our presidents feel that way. I get the feeling that nothing has changed since we last discussed it.” (Yahoo)

Remember when we averaged 10 points over four games…? 😐 (ESPN)

Around Stillwater. Good post here by Kyle Boone. A sort of replacement for the #okstate roundup which I haven’t done in forever. (PFB)

Oregon things

OSU and OSU will play for all the interlocking OS hats. (PFB)

Oklahoma State hired Oregon’s social media coordinator. Like hiring somebody with tenure at Harvard to oversee your freshman business program. (okstate)


Why Devin Harper might be a steal for OSU. The reason is actually pretty compelling. (Tulsa World)

Robert Allen on Texas Football Magazine. This is pretty interesting. It makes you wonder about the agenda of other recruiting sites (though I’m not real sure why they would have one…). (Go Pokes)

NBA Draft

One of Marcus Smart’s favorite memories is Homecoming & Hoops. Travis Ford, ladies and gentlemen! Also, I agree with him on travel. It’s such an underrated difficult of pro sports. (okstate)

No Le’Bryan last night. Sad. He can make his bones somewhere (Gottlieb’s Russian team or Marcus Dove’s Israeli team probably has a spot) — will be interesting to see where he lands.

Other sports

OSU replaced Marty Lees. (okstate)

Best headline of all time? (Deadspin)

More stuff I’m reading

Quite a eulogy from Berry Tramel on BBJ here. Man. (NewsOK)

This on how NOLA reduced its inmate population is incredibly interesting. Psychology FTW. (Kottke)

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