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Daily Bullets: Kevin Peterson can sew and hates Kobe

Briles gets Gundy money, James Anderson’s career revived (?), pics of indoor tennis courts, and the most Mike Leach thing EVER.




Tracy Moore told Chelf he’d never play at TU so he should go to OSU…hmm. (NewsOK)

Can’t believe this is real, but Ubben’s right: Don’t leave a winnable game in Case McCoy’s hands in the 4th quarter. (Fox SW)

This is the most Mike Leach (and Big 12 refs) thing ever. (Deadspin)

Kevin Peterson can sew and hates Kobe Bryant. He’s now my wife’s new favorite player. (NewsOK)

This should just be the Nick Saban annual awards banquet. Briles and Malzahn are deserving though. (CBS Sports)

Week 12 Big 12 storylines, it’s starting to get fun. (Fox SW)

Major Applewhite on Justin Gilbert: “Just very skilled. Obviously, they talk about him in the terms of his kickoff return abilities, but you just watch him, he’s a great athlete. We’ve known that for a while.” I bet you have. (NewsOK)

Art Briles and Mike Gundy now make the same salary. (Our Daily Bears)

On the importance of OSU’s offensive line going to Austin. (O’Colly)

Add Kendall Sanders to the list of stud receivers who could have been in (OSU) orange. (Tulsa World)

Berry got emails on the Baylor-OU game. I can’t even look, they’re probably so incredible though. (NewsOK)

Great stats post here. Includes this gem: In Big 12 play, starting running backs have averaged 59.8 rushing yards against Texas’ defense. (ESPN)

An infographic of how points were scored in the Miles/Gundy era. (PFB)

Van Malone on Kevin Peterson: “You dream of the dynamic player. But really, you want the consistent player.” (NewsOK)

Berry reiterates it: Gameday comin’. (NewsOK)

OSU’s last two games are important for off-the-field reasons, too. (ESPN)

Mason Rudolph is getting ready for the playoffs. I hope I’m typing this same sentence next season. (Scout)


James Anderson had 36 last night, including the game-tying three at the end of regulation. (PFB)

Jeff Newberry: “Signing with Oklahoma State means a lot more to me than most people think.” (247 – $)

Marcus Smart is on the cover of Sports Illustrated. (PFB)


OSU’s new indoor tennis courts are amazing. (Flickr)

MJ playing beer pong on a Dolphins beer pong table while wearing the 11s? All I can look at are the 11s. (Big Lead)

I’m sure y’all have seen it by now but this gamer by O.B. Keeler on a Georgia-Auburn game is pretty awesome. Keeler was “the best golf writer ever” according to Bobby Jones. (War Eagle Reader)

Fake 30 for 30 about Space Jam. (Deadspin)

Twitter custom timelines are here. (Poynter)

This breakdown of the George Clooney profile in Esquire is really interesting. It feels like he comes off kind of…cool? (Gawker)

Really great story on Evernote. (Growth Hackers)

Are you guys excited about the Hendricks-GSP matchup yet? OSU is mentioned in this article. (Yahoo)

Hendricks on beating GSP.

This is hysterical.

Not sure OSU needed anything beyond a Disney movie to motivate it for the KU game but here it is..

I sent this to Nolan, he wanted to know who the creep was that took footage of me and him in college without us knowing it.

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