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Daily Bullets: KU fans are riled up at Travis Ford

Smart is a top 2 player nationally, what’s actually wrong with the O-line, Joe Randle talks Dallas, Yurcich talks pumpkin patches.



Trying something new with tweets and instagrams from Tuesday. Going to put them in a separate post so they don’t overwhelm the links and videos. Not here to stay, just trying it out for now. Let me know if you guys like it or not.


Kansas fans, not excited about OSU. (Rock Chalk Blog)

Smart ranked as the No. 2 player in the country. (CBS Sports)

Nolo wrote that Self would think about trading Wiggins for Smart, I said he would probably do it, Kansas fans went crazy. (PFB)

Travis Ford with an all-time quote on Soucek’s inconsistency in here. (O’Colly)

Cobbins listed here as one of the 10 glue guys to watch in college hoops this year. (CBS Sports)

Travis Ford on how hoops has changed. (PFB)

Markel ranked as the second best dunker in the country. Via Kyle Fisher. (NBC Sports)


Really good stuff here on the OSU offensive line and offense in general. Josh Stewart says they’re slow playing for some reason. (Rivals)

Yurcich: At times, we need to take our foot off the gas in regards to tempo to do that. We’re working hard on it, and our guys know it’s part of our identity, so we don’t want to lose that. (Yahoo)

The real top 10 in football. (OKTC)

Boykin is going to run for 225 on Saturday, isn’t he? (NewsOK)

Randle on Dallas: It’s the best situation I could’ve asked for. (Rivals)

Love this feature from Jimmie Tramel, I didn’t realize OSU had started three different right guards in five games. (Tulsa World)

Here’s the Stewart drop for those of you who thought it was Walsh’s fault. (CRFF)

This on who the second best QB in the Big 12 is, is kind of depressing. (NewsOK)

We should have ice cream every night. (Tulsa World)

OSU’s struggles on long (and short) drives. Good on medium ones though! (PFB)

Mike Yurcich went to the pumpkin patch during his bye week. (NewsOK)

Parker Graham on his girlfriend shaving his head for him. (Tulsa World)

Joe Randle will likely start on Sunday. (Fox SW)

Scary that OSU’s offensive MVP is Walsh. (ESPN)

Interesting look at the second half of the season. They have Baylor going 11-1 with a loss to…Oklahoma State. (Athlon Sports)


R. Bowen Loftin and Marshall Henderson? You bet. (Big Lead)

Always good to have Royce back writing Thunder recaps. (Daily Thunder)

If I was Andrew Wiggins and this was true, I wouldn’t play a single minute of college ball. (CBS Sports)

Trey Metoyer, yikes. (Deadspin)

Really interesting article about the role of the second screen in TV viewing. Via Kevin DeShazo. (New York Times)

20 minutes at Rucker Park — I haven’t read this yet but it looks stellar. (SB Nation)

Daniel Cormier co-headlining UFC fights this weekend. Via Chism Sander (Bloody Elbow)

Five things successful people do before 8 AM. Via Andre Sexton (Yahoo)

Morgan Hoffmann on working our for the PGA Tour.

That is superior news.

Yurcich from earlier this week. He said he feels “real good” about the Kansas State game!



The greatest press conferencer ever.

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