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Daily Bullets: Kyle Stanley makes ‘a mean taco soup’

Snow + injuries = this weekend, Bryce Petty talks Stillwater, Marcus Smart lovefest hangover continues.



Greetings from Portland, Oregon. 


Berry on the numbers that say OSU has the best defense in the Big 12. He’s right. (NewsOK)

Ubben can’t bring himself to take OSU this weekend. I don’t know if I can either. He has us covering, though! (Fox SW)

Briles and Gundy are semifinalists for coach of the year. (Big 12 Sports)

My gosh this is hideous for WVU. That pic of Dana, though! (Football Study Hall)

Bryce Petty on Stillwater: “This is a place we haven’t had a lot of past success in. So I think for me, being a quarterback, that’s kind of where I want to win.” (NewsOK)

OSU fans on the Bob3 news: “Not surprised!” (CBS Sports)

Kyle Stanley makes a mean taco soup. (NewsOK)

Bye-bye, Jameis? (Big Lead)

Handicapping who the guest picker will be on Saturday. (PFB)

Some interesting stuff here. OSU is 18-0 under Mike Gundy when it doesn’t turn the ball over. (Rivals)

Snow and injuries are your OSU storylines this weekend. (Fox SW)

Briles on OSU: “I think Oklahoma State as a program does a great job playing to their personnel.” (Yahoo)

Oklahoma State has come a long way and now looks like a BCS contender. (B/R)

ESPN’s guys have no idea where Stillwater is. (PFB)

“Mack will decide when he goes.” What? (CBS Sports)

Here’s Herbie breaking down the game on Saturday. (ESPN)

We’re No. 7! We’re No. 7! (Football Study Hall)

OSU is 200,000-1 to play for the title. Berry drops the mic with his last line here. (NewsOK)

Antwan Goodley and Shock Linwood — names you need to know. (247 – $)

Parker Graham calls Tyler Johnson “old man river.” (okstate)

I whiffed with this headline yesterday. I was in a hurry and didn’t mean to take it out of context but I did. My bad. (PFB)


Brian Williams-Jahii Carson Eurostep competition? (Big Lead)

Smart nearly burned the Internet to the ground. I missed this Nolan tweet but my gosh, all-time. (NewsOK)

This dunk, how did it not go?? (Yahoo)

Ford: “Marcus can give you whatever you need.” (USA Today)

Mark Travis broke down Marcus Smart’s night. You’re missing out if you’re not reading these. (CRFF)

Smart on Memphis talking to him: “The first play, when we got the tip, Geron Johnson bowed me up and he denied me the bal. I was a little surprised by it. And he said a little something, jawing off to me.” Bad idea. (NewsOK)

Ford: “When he’s feeling it, he knows it.” I know this happened on Tuesday but I missed some of this Smart stuff. (okstate)

Pretty funny story about how Marcus Smart scored 24 points in one man’s 1/2 mile drive. (ESPN)

I never thought making Deadspin would be positive, honestly. Did he really jump over the guy? Have we confirmed that? (Deadspin)

This Vine of Smart is cool but could have been epic. I’m going to have to start doing this. (NewsOK)


Bleacher Report has a book out. (Deadspin)

On Baylor’s offense…

Here’s Marcus Smart with Jay Bilas after Tuesday’s game.

Travis Ford presser from Tuesday. If you look closely you can see him texting his agent underneath the table. “See if you can get 35 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Catching Fire comes out tomorrow. Hopefully Saturday in Stillwater, too.

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