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Daily Bullets: Le’Bryan Nash hasn’t decided

How good can Leyton Hammonds be (?), Hendricks off the hill, Kevin Peterson tells a Tyreek Hill story.




Former UT coach: “The people that think OU and OSU are going away because there’s now more competition in Texas don’t know Bob Stoops or Mike Gundy very well.” (ESPN Insider)

Billy Bajema and Mike Holder look quite chummy. (Flickr)

This photo is kind of the best. (Tumblr)

Kevin Peterson’s encounter with the Freek is pretty great. (NewsOK)

OSU got a DT commit over the weekend. (Scout)

Good stuff from Helsley on what we learned this spring. I agree with it. (NewsOK)

Athlon ranks Mike Gundy as the fourth best coach in the Big 12. Seems fair. (ESPN)

Photos of “the legends” golf tournament from last week. (Flickr)

It’s crazy to think the defensive line could actually be better next season. (Tulsa World)

DGB, gone. (CBS Sports)

I don’t understand the decisions the NCAA makes. (CBS Sports)

Interesting post on how offensive system drives weight of offensive linemen. (Football Study Hall)

McShay has Gilbert to the Chargers. I’m not as high on Gilbert as some other evaluators are, but I still think he’s worth a first-round pick, and the Chargers have a need at corner. He gives up too much separation in coverage and isn’t very physical, so he needs to be used properly. (ESPN Insider)


I think Ford thinks Hammonds is going to be Harrison Barnes 2.0 but I actually think he’s going to be pretty good at some point. (O’Colly)

The O’Colly is reporting that Nash is returning. Nash is denying he’s made a decision. (O’Colly)

The best dunks of the college basketball season. Markel is in there, but not his 360?! (Yahoo)

Fred Hoiberg gets a raise and still (STILL) makes less than what Ford will make at the end of his contract ($2.8). (Sports Illustrated)

No OSU in the top 10 games of the college basketball season. Still, a fun read. (Yahoo)


Three game sweep? Three game sweep. (Tumblr)

Saw this over the weekend, made be start sweating. (Deadspin)

If you’re like me and just DVRed Mad Men last night but haven’t watched yet, here’s a refresher. (Deadspin)

Hey, look at that, I did a 10 thoughts on the Masters. (CBS Sports)

Why is Johny Hendricks pitching off a mound?

This can’t be real.

Kliff gonna Kliff.

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