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Daily Bullets (Mar. 30): Gundy on Greg Richmond, Lutz’s Seeding as a Coach



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Softball: Texas 2, Cowgirls 1 Baseball: Cowboys 2, WV 1
Three Thoughts
Cowboy forward Eric Dailey, Jr. has entered the portal – it’s hard to tell if the struggle of the Mike Boynton era was bringing in the wrong (non-Cade) players or not developing them but a new coach will need to discern (PFB) • With Steve Lutz emerging as the candidate, fun to revisit his placement as a No. 12 seed in this bracket (Sellout Crowd) • Mike Gundy’s answer on why he chose to move on from Greg Richmond was insightful:
“We just needed a change there,” Gundy said. “In my 20 years as a head coach, I haven’t had to change coaches much. I feel like I’m responsible for coaching the guys I hire here, and they’re responsible for coaching the players. Every once in a while, we need to change. Greg Richmond is a great football coach and a great human being. We just needed a change. It’s one of the most difficult things to do in my position. I haven’t done it a lot because I feel like I’m responsible for them.” [O’Colly]
Two Quotes
• Just hearing about this guy’s history makes it easier to be up for his hiring: • One freshman is killing it in the weight room for the Cowboys:
“We got a freshman — Armstrong (Nnodim) — crazy strong,” linebacker Nickolas Martin said. “He’s like 17, 18, like 280 [pounds]. I think he like power cleaned like 365, something crazy.” [PFB]
One Question
• Which is the bigger OSU “what if” – what if Matt Holliday played for OSU or if Jackson Holliday had played for OSU?
Non-OSU Bullets
• How to master the art of small talk •  How many sodas are too many?

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