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Daily Bullets (March 2)



Left Tackle Thoughts

Trotter brings the magnifying glass to the blindside spot.

With Mason Rudolph, James Washington and Justice Hill all back, the Cowboys will boast one of the best offensive triplet combos in the country. On top of that, Oklahoma State returns several experienced receivers and the bulk of the offensive line. But the Pokes have one glaring hole at left tackle, without an obvious successor to outgoing two-year starter Victor Salako. Shane Richards, Dylan Galloway and incoming juco transfer Arlington Hambright will all vie to fill the one vacancy on an otherwise loaded offense. [ESPN]

I’m waiting for grainy footage from spring ball of Richards or Big Ham pushing the sled by themselves. But this spot has to be the biggest hole in the offense past Justice Hill’s backup, no?

Gundy Badger

In a tight-knit profession where Gundy vows to only hire folks he’s worked with, there’s no love lost here.

Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze sure wanted to at least look like he hadn’t heard of Mike Gundy’s comments about the 2016 Sugar Bowl.

The Oklahoma State coach told the Tulsa World last week that he wondered if Oklahoma State was on a “level playing field” in its loss to Ole Miss. The Rebels, as you likely know, are facing an NCAA Notice of Allegations and have self-imposed a bowl ban for the 2017 season.

Freeze was asked about what Gundy said Tuesday as Ole Miss opened spring practice. After first playing it coy and asking the reporter broaching the topic what Gundy’s comments were about, Freeze went with the ol’ I have no comment but I’ll give a comment approach. [Yahoo]

The things that stick out are Gundy joining Stoops in poking at the SEC and again bringing attention to Oklahoma State while on some level vindicating a loss. It’s been said before but Gundy must feel really confident in the 2017 team to be this outspoken in the marketplace. And why shouldn’t he be?

Baylor’s “Woe is Me” Culture

Jenni Carlson brought some solid insights to the situation yesterday.

“The problems we have at Baylor,” Mulkey said at one point Saturday, “are no different than the problems at any other school in America.



Yes, there is sexual assault on campuses everywhere. Sadly, that isn’t in dispute. But Baylor isn’t immersed in scandal because of sexual assault but rather because of a massive and prolonged cover-up of sexual assault.

Big difference.

What Mulkey said about Baylor being like every other school is one of the things she hasn’t walked back since Saturday, but she herself indicated that she was part of the investigation process last summer. She knows then how bad the situation was and how long it will take not only to remedy the problems.

And yet, only nine months after the investigation’s findings became public, we hear a “woe is Baylor, we’re not being treated fairly” sentiment. [NewsOK]

Kyle P. touched on this yesterday in the mailbag, but there’s a line between pride in your institution and delusion. The normal healing process for an institution is generally preceded by remorse and repentance but the way Baylor has handled it all (i.e. confronting sexual assault speaker and CAB blackout for TCU) has questioned the sincerity of that. And the news keep coming.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Your annual “Texas found a quarterback” post …. A look at local (OSU, OU, TU) guys going into the combine …. ESPN has Baylor stealing the show in KC next week …. Three Big 12 guys named finalists for the Naismith aware (no Jawun) …. Tech pulling the names off jerseys school logo off players’ clothes in the facility …. Cowgirl center Kylee Jensen made first team All-Big 12

A detailed guide on who the Pokes could play next Thursday in KC.

Andy from The Office said he wished there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you left them. This team on some level is the good old days.

The longest pass completed in the Big Ten happened last night. Harbaugh is beside himself, interviewing the Northwestern basketball coach for OC.

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