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Daily Bullets: Marcus Smart likes being chanted at

Looking ahead to 2014 football, cool Kendall Hunter story, Gilbert on the ending to the Cotton Bowl.




Smart on KSU fans chanting “You’re a flopper!”: “I look at it as respect. I’m nowhere near LeBron (James) or Kobe(Bryant), but it happens to them all the time. It’s because they’re great players and people don’t like to see them achieve. I like it. It shows me that I’m respected by the other teams and their home crowds. They respect me and know who I am and that I’m a good player.” (NewsOK)

K-State has won nine straight. I’d actually be a little surprised at this point if we won the Big 12 this year, honestly. But Kansas might not either. Maybe Baylor or Iowa State? (Sports Illustrated)

10 thoughts on the KSU game. (PFB)

Soucek should change his name to “Ongoing Project Marek Soucek.” (NewsOK)

No. 2 recruit in the country, Myles Turner: “Oklahoma State will definitely be my next official visit. We are working on a date possibly in early February. I will try to fill in visits between my game schedule.” (ESPN)

Some more good thoughts on the KSU game from Eric Williams at Rivals. (Rivals)


Oh, this is good to know about Charlie Strong. (Big Lead)

The most-viewed post in the history of PFB…by a lot. (PFB)

Even people not invested in OSU were bummed by the outcome. (Deadspin)

Good look at how next year’s playoff will work and what the BCS did for college football. (Tulsa World)

Some good questions for 2014 from Gina Mizell. I read the list of defensive guys graduating and wept. (NewsOK)

Gundy is very pleased that the title game will be played at Jerryworld. (ESPN)

I’m not going to kill Yurcich because I think you need more than a year to get rolling but 2.44 points per drive is not elite. And the two OCs before him were elite. Monken coaxed 3.01 points per drive out of this exact same team last year (with Randle). (NewsOK)

Cotton Bowl superlatives, despite the loss I really enjoyed writing this one. (PFB)

Gilbert on the fumble-6: “It was a blur to me. When we fumbled, I was like, ‘OK.’ But then on the touchdown, I was like ‘Oh, man.’” (NewsOK)

Must read on Barry Sanders. It’s incredible. So many great stories. (Tulsa World)

What’s a good record next year? I think 8-4 is pretty strong with FSU, at OU, at Baylor, and at KSU on the schedule. (ESPN)

The “hide the midget” play is amazing. (CBS Sports)

I don’t think anyone took issue with the Gundy video like I did. (Fox 23)

Cool story on Kendall Hunter’s return. (NewsOK)

Bama Mom says she’d do it all over again! (Deadspin)

Jace Amaro is going to be part of the media now. (CBS Sports)

Cotton Bowl infographic box score. Great work by Michael Lane. (PFB)


A knuckleball in flight is incredible. (Deadspin)

This is a must read on Gus Malzahn (it has some Mitch Mustain and Jason Dufner stuff in it, too). So, so good. (ESPN)

How Bill Simmons is building a business. Also an elite interview. (Recode)

How, exactly, Gundy’s former agent Jimmy Sexton became so powerful. (Sports Illustrated)

Full Gundy presser from Friday.

Players postgame presser.

Some highlights from Saturday.

And the full game.

This looks like it’s trying to be hipster but can’t…quite…get there.

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