Daily Bullets: Marcus Smart shoved other people?

Written by Kyle Porter


Wow, DraftExpress drops this bomb on Smart: “This reportedly wasn’t the first time he put hands on someone according to what we’ve been told by reliable sources.” Good analysis otherwise. (DraftExpress)

Luke Winn and Matt Norlander are as good as it gets for me in March and this by Winn on the Wichita State-Kentucky game is terrific. (Sports Illustrated)

Berry Tramel on whether or not Kelvin Sampson will return to college hoops. (NewsOK)

Was Seldon thinking about leaving?? Like, for the NBA? (CBS Sports)

This recap of the OSU-St. Joe’s game is pretty pretty fun. (Grantland)

Fred Gulley gonna Fred Gulley. (Yahoo)

Jeff Borzello ranks the 80 remaining starters. (CBS Sports)

This Moneybrackets thing was pretty cool — a look back. That OU back was atrocious, though. (Grantland)


Justin Gilbert can throw down. (PFB)

An OU player is mad because his major isn’t helping him get a job? Get out of here. (Fox Sports SW)

I can’t get over how much bigger Rudolph looks than Walsh. (Flickr)

Desmond Roland on what he loves most: “Scoring touchdowns, making big plays and hearing your name called out across the stadium is my favorite thing about playing running back.” (okstate)

Gundy doesn’t like paying his special teams coaches. (Tulsa World)


OSU golf finished second in Florida. (okstate)

Baseball beat Missouri State 3-2 in extras. (okstate)

This profile of Jay Bilas is top-notch. (New Republic)

LOL, amateur athletics! (Deadspin)

Someone who writes for a reality show tells how things really go down. (XO Jane)

Put me in the “college as we know it won’t exist in 20 years” camp. (Gawker)


Better times..yes, that’s the full game.

Looks good, intense.


  • OSU-Bill

    Re: Smart and other shoving: It is infuriating when draft reports make accusations about a non-play attribute (e.g., a player’s work ethic, temper, etc.) and either aren’t brave enough to specify the incident or the source or don’t have the integrity to hold their pen and not spread unsubstantiated rumors.

    • Schultzy

      Why would he name his source? If he does, that person probably won’t be in a position to help him out in the future, and Givony won’t have his source to continue to get information to use. It’s not like Givony is some no name hack that has a reputation of false reporting either.

      • OSU-Bill

        I seem to recall similar arguments made in support of the SI articles about the OSU athletic department this past summer. Turns out there was a lot that couldn’t be substantiated in those articles. Even if you don’t think Givony would lie, the source could be lying or the source could be spreading second-hand information from an even less reliable source. Regardless, if he doesn’t want to name the source, then at least give enough details so that Smart can respond or someone can substantiate it. I think it’s poor practice and leaves too much room for people to unfairly smear.

        • T-Bone

          SI hit job. We all know what that was about. Shameful and linked to OU.

      • T-Bone

        Does now.

  • Okstate2011

    Just in the first two minutes of the Elite 8 game, we played with more speed and movement than I saw all last season combined….

  • jane

    “This reportedly wasn’t the first time he put hands on someone according to what we’ve been told by reliable sources.”
    I call BS on this. I’ve watched Smart play for way more years than his OSU ones, and I’ve never seen or heard anything about this. Not saying I’ve seen every move he’s made, but I’m pretty sure nothing has happened on a basketball court. Man-up and name your sources, or leave that crap out of a report like this.
    Didn’t appreciate that they ended Smart’s NBA draft video with the announcer saying, “That’s disgusting behavior…” and then it’s over. Awesome.
    As much as I loved having him be an OSU player, I’m ready for him to go — and I never thought I’d feel that way. But I’m sick of the constant criticism he gets after playing his heart out these past two years. We’re going to miss him (and Markel) more than a lot of people realize. I think people understand that we’ll miss Markel more than they understand how much we’re going to miss Smart.

    • Pat

      I agree, saying it was a reliable source but then going into no detail at all. It’s 100% hearsay… on an unrelated note, I had a reliable source tell me that Marcus Smart is actually left handed and plays with his right to keep things fair.

    • Kyle Porter

      I watched the Texas game at Texas..

    • T-Bone

      I’ll take Marcus back for another season. I’ll bet a lot of other Cowboys and Cowgirls would too.

  • CRFF

    But those pics of Daxx!!!!!

  • Victor

    Question to Ponder: Is Fred Gulley the worst jump shooting point guard to ever play regular minutes at the high major level? Remember when him and Keiton were on the floor together? It was 4-5 on offense, and then 4-5 on defense…

    • Nate

      I’ve always said he was one of the worst starters OSU has ever had in the modern era. Dude was horrible… and of course a Ford recruit.

      • spokepokes

        I mean…dude wasn’t great but he played decent defense and distributed the ball decently. Remember he was a freshman. If he stayed at OSU this whole time I think he would have been a solid backup to Smart for relief minutes. Even if its only 5-6 min a game.

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    Yeah, that Marcus Smart is a bad guy, always pushing on people. Why contribute to the demonizing of a good kid, unless you’re trolling for more pageviews?

    • T-Bone

      Take this season and shove it
      I ain’t playing here no more.
      The team done lost
      and took all the reasons
      I was working for.

      I’ll be better in the NBA
      and I’m walking out that door.
      Take this season and shove it
      I ain’t playing here no more.

      Marcus Paycheck

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    “I can’t get over how much bigger Rudolph looks than Walsh.” — Taller equals bigger? He’s got a couple of inches over him and maybe 5~10 pounds but I bet JW’s a lot more muscle…

  • JR

    DraftExpress hardly dropped a bomb – they buried it in the middle of a late paragraph. You’re making it into a bomb by sensationalizing it as your title for Daily Bullets and quoting it before your lead story link.

  • Scott

    i never played basketball growing up – so I don’t have a clue about proper mechanics or “dipping the ball”, etc. But if that’s a real issue, and is/was hurting his shooting, why wasn’t it corrected or addressed by the coaching staff?

    • OSU-Bill

      Who, the OSU coaching staff? Please review last 4 years of coverage of Travis Ford.

      • T-Bone

        Interestingly, nobody ever talks about the assistants on this team. Some of the details of teaching basketball fall squarely on their shoulders.

  • justAwriter

    I read your blog most days, and I get that you and Marcus had a twitter scuffle, but you should really get over it. It seems you go out of your way to find anything bad on a 20 year old kid. He was actually good for OSU.. none of those high expectations would have even been there for Ford to trash without him. He came back when he would have been a top 5 pick… yes he made some mistakes, but that’s part of growing up; the only difference is most of us don’t get ours blasted by the media. A good coach knows how to teach discipline, which clearly wasn’t the case here. He’s competitive and was frustrated.. which anyone would have been. As a former college athlete and someone who has a father that was a coach, the discipline issue goes back to Ford plain and simple. It’s disheartening to read a “fan” blog that continually trashes a 20 year old kid. He’s not an nba star.. just a guy that came back for the right reasons… you don’t have to like him, but stop going out of your way to post everything bad you can possibly find.

    • T-Bone

      He posts both good and bad about Marcus. There is some of both. I think in the final analysis, OSU fans will be appreciative and supportive of Marcus as he makes his way through life. He will always be part of the Cowboy faithful. A member of the posse. I am grateful for what he tried to do this season. I hope he gets hooked up with the right NBA team that can continue to teach him good life lessons so he grows into a good citizen and role model. That would be a great legacy for him.

    • OC Guest

      Kyle seems to go out of his way to bash or find every negative story about Marcus. Marcus is 19 years old so I understand his immaturity at times. Not quite sure what explains Kyle’s problem

    • Blake

      This is a ridiculously ignorant comment.

    • All of this. Also, it’s laughable and terrible at the same time that Kyle labels this unsubstantiated claim as a “bomb”, alongside his tabloid style headline, “Marcus Smart shoved other people?”


  • Pistols Fired!!

    I loved the spring practice photos on flickr, thanks for sharing them. and, with the size illustration of all four qbs, I am even more convinced that Walsh needs to be practicing in the slot!! …from where he can still throw 3 or 4 times a game!! GO POKES!!

  • Scott

    The deal is done…Ford has met with Holder and will get another year at #OKState, but there will be a personnel change announced shortly.


    • Schultzy

      I wonder what the personnel change will be?

      • CJ

        Butch is the only one safe.

      • T-Bone

        Ford will be the womens coach and Littell will be the mens coach? Sorry Cowgirls.

    • Nate

      I feel sorry for anyone who follows or gives that idiot a shred of credibility. Has he ever been right about ANYTHING?

  • Selden*

    Selden*. And Self came out and said that Selden* was annoyed at the speculation that he was leaving, or thinking about leaving,so that is why he made the announcement. In his defense, he has been projected in the first round for the entire season and was one of the hottest names in draft circles last summer.