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Daily Bullets: Markel Brown talks about his top 10 dunks

Ford on wasted possessions, conference power rankings, and Mike Gundy took a photo with Jerry Jones.




Kudos to John Helsley for putting this article together on Markel being the mayor of LobStilly. Been wanting this one for a while. Must read. (NewsOK)

Markel Brown’s personal top 10 dunk list. (NewsOK)

Really enjoyed this podcast with OKC Dave a lot. You should give it a listen. (PFB)

Good stuff from Berry on the Big 12 race. I love the +1 for a road win and -1 for a home loss. I think you have to be at least +4 to win the league. (NewsOK)

Kamari Murphy: “[There is] more danger in New York than (Stillwater). Here I feel more comfortable that I can just live.” (O’Colly)

I can promise I’ve never seen this before. (Big Lead)

And I’ve never seen a tip-dunk for the win as time expired, either. (Big Lead)

Ford: “Too many of what we call negative plays offensively, where we kind of waste possessions —whether it be a shot selection or whether it be a turnover or whether it be we have a good shot we just don’t finish it.” (Tulsa World)

It would be fun to see Doug McD vs. Marcus at some point. It might not end well for us, but it would be fun. (CBS Sports)

Conference power rankings. Why is everyone dismissing Baylor as a Big 12 contender? (Sports Illustrated)

Fred Hoiberg thinks Embiid is the best player in the country. Soucek is going to crush him on Saturday. (Yahoo)


The SI bill is over $100,000 already. (Tulsa World)

These posters featuring Aaron Colvin above Alabama’s lockers are great. (CBS Sports)

Mike Gundy and his family take a photo with Jerry Jones and Dez Bryant. (Flickr)

On OSU’s new junior college linebacker. (NewsOK)

Best of the Big 12 season. I remember watching what Trotter has listed as the best play — I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. (ESPN)

A defensive end committed to OSU is starting to get some national buzz. (ESPN)

I’m bummed Blake Jackson never made a big impact at OSU. (Scout)


President Obama made a fantastic Mario Chalmers joke that most of the people there probably didn’t understand. (Deadspin)

Look at the Pistol Pete photo on this blog. It is incredible. (Mitch Alcala)

RBI Baseball is back. (Big Lead)

How do we feel about the Grantland redesign? (Grantland)

Why time travelers would think of us as the most brilliant creatures ever. (New Yorker)

How Google hopes to own the future. (New York Times)

On the ignorance of college students. Via @mattquade12 (Forbes)

My goals don’t care about distractions. (Chris Brogan)

This is amazing.

If you like film, this is cool.

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