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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets: Mason Cox, the man, the myth

’99 Big 12 run, Gundy on Rudolph, Forte on being white, and why I picked OSU to win this week.



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Mason Cox quote of the year: “I go, ‘If you would have told me four years ago I’d be D’ing up on a No. 1 draft pick, I’d have laughed my ass off’. I’m sure I’ll see him playing in the NBA in the near future and think, ‘Yeah, I shut that guy down for 30 seconds or so in college.’” Also some great stuff from Nolan in there. (O’Colly)

More Mason: “It’s kind of been a weird thing that’s happened. It has been a pretty cool experience for my family to have two brothers, or two sons I guess, both play for Oklahoma State. He played like a minute and a half the whole season, so I always throw it in his face that I’ve done more in my basketball career than him.” (okstate)

Travis Ford’s buyout is not what you think it is. Good work by Pokelahoma here. (CRFF)

On whether or not to foul late in games. Ford says here “they knew what to do.” Markel says they were never told. Hmm. (NewsOK)

Forte: “I’m sure they’re probably like, ‘What is this white kid doing? He’s supposed to be shooting 3s.” (Tulsa World)

Good breakdown of the Big 12 Tournament. I have no problem with picking Iowa State to win it. (Yahoo)

Forte on the Smart/Tech incident: “I definitely think it helped him. He was able to step back and refresh his mind. And I think it humbled him. He got his fire back to just go out there and play and have fun again.” (NewsOK)

KenPom gives OSU an 8 percent chance of winning the Big 12 Tournament but that’s with Embiid factored in. (KenPom)

ESPN gives OSU a 10 percent chance. (ESPN)

Smart: “Teams that you wouldn’t expect to win are winning. Teams you wouldn’t expect to lose are losing. That just shows you how tough and how talented the Big 12 Conference is.” (NewsOK)

I picked OSU to win the Big 12 Tournament and I have no idea why. (PFB)

Good point here that Berry Tramel also made: legends are made in March and Smart has a chance to cement his legacy. (Tulsa World)


Austin Hays on Mason Rudolph: “You can also tell he has some fight in him. It’s so hard when you’re a freshman. But towards the end of spring, Wes really started to find his way. Eventually he earned it, and everybody followed him.” (ESPN)

Cale Gundy is getting a liiiiiiiiiittle bit cocky. (Fox Sports SW)

Jake Trotter has Ra’Shaad Samples as his redshirt freshman breakout star. (ESPN)

Gundy on Rudolph: “He just looks like a young kid. He should be in high school. He seems to be doing okay. He’s learning and things are moving really fast for him. His attitude and his effort are good. We should start to see some change in him in our third week, after practice 10, once he realizes what’s going on and the speed of the game.” (okstate)

This is cool. I feel like OSU does a really good job on Instagram. Am I alone in that? (Tumblr)

Gundy on the 10-second rule: “We want to have that threat. If we can play fast and think it’s good, I want to be able to do it. I don’t want to be regulated by somebody’s opinion that it’s not best for the game. I also think it’s best for college football that if a team wants to play fast, then they should play fast.” (Tulsa World)

Day 2 photos. I think Gundy probably tucks in his pajamas. (Flickr)

Let OSU’s 2010 season be a lesson to you, when the Cowboys were picked to finish fourth in the Big 12 South and won 11 games. (Fox Sports SW)


Josh Holliday got tossed last night. (O’Colly)

I love how much Westbrook and Beverley hate each other. (Deadspin)

The Obama-Galifianakis Between Two Ferns was unbelievable. Will your presidential library be in Kenya or Hawaii? (Grantland)

Barkley is going to win the TV bracket of Media Madness. (Big Lead)

This Bieber clip is sad and the worst but it’s also kind of the best. Austin, home to KD, TJ Ford, and the Biebs. (Deadspin)

This dad let his son roll down a hill to catch ground-rule double. That’s the best dinner party story. (Deadspin)

Rickie Fowler interview. Why does he wear his hat over his ears?

Remember when we scored 37 against KU in the ’99 Big 12 title game? Still…great run.

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