Daily Bullets: Mason Rudolph gets another star

Written by Kyle Porter


Warren Buffett wants to give you $1 billion for a perfect bracket. (Big Lead)

Creighton’s offense is terrifying. (Deadspin)

Texas barely slipped by Kansas State last night. (Sports Illustrated)

Hey, people don’t even go to the guys’ games, not sure why they’d attend the girls’. I will say, one of my five best experiences ever at GIA involved a girls’ Bedlam game though. (O’Colly)

I think these Big 12 power rankings are correct. Kansas is definitely No. 1, OSU definitely No. 2. (Rush the Court)

Great article on Joel Embiid. Sounds like he wants to stay another year. (ESPN)

Baylor is LOLing in basketball right now. (Tulsa World)


Mason Rudolph collects another star. Who cares? He’s already enrolled in college. (Rivals)

Gina is counting down the 13 top moments from 2013. (NewsOK)

How the Big 12 is represented at the Super Bowl. (ESPN)

In the middle of one of the best basketball seasons ever and all your chat questions with John Helsley are about recruiting and an offensive line coach who no longer works at OSU. Yeah, we’re a football school. (NewsOK)


The FLOTUS dunk is insane. (Big Lead)

Yeah, I’m sure JFF will be a much better NFL player than Brandon Weeden. (Big Lead)

KD had 46 last night. (Daily Thunder)

People are reading really long stories on their phones now, which is kind of crazy. (The Atlantic)

Why Tumblr and Github are the future of education. (Reuters)

On fanboys and phones. (The Verge)

Here’s the PGA Tour piece on Fowler and Moore.

This is hysterical.

  • ChanceDM

    “People are reading really long stories on their phones now, which is kind of crazy.” I wonder how long the average bathroom trip is now.

    • CRFF

      Seriously? I can’t wait for my morning “routine” so I can read the Daily Bullets. That’s at least 30 minutes. Of course people at work wonder why I’m in there so long.

  • OSU-Bill

    Too bad Creighton isn’t in the Valley any more. It would be good to see Wichita State have a little competition.

  • Nate

    That O’Colly article, man…. Just so, so bad. That dude seriously went from going to womens basketball games to equality in America. I guess it’s just par for the course with all the other crap the O’Colly pushes out…

    • Porter

      Agreed. That article was awful.

    • cody

      They’re college kids writing for a college paper…

      • Tyler Agee

        And it definitely shows.

  • MB

    Kyle, are we going to get a wrap up of the survey?
    Also, as someone stated a few days back “mens and womens” sounds way better than guys and girls. I suppose that’s mostly personal preference. To me it sounds like you are talking about middle school kids or something though.

    • BearWolf

      Yes, yes… survey results please. At least a recap with whatever you thought was interesting/ informative.

    • Kyle Porter

      I will have them this week. Probably a two-parter…there was a lot to sort through.

    • GoPokesGo

      I think he purposely ignores anyone who calls him on calling the women’s team “girls” Ive mentioned it several times in past couple weeks and never get a response. I think he uses it more now than ever, since i’ve complained. I know Im just a girl, so…

  • Pistols Fired!!

    I don’t get on here daily… so I apologize for the tardiness of my comment. Joe Wickline, Trammel the troll and Gundy… Coach Joe was the best coach on staff at OSU hands down, all sports and in any capacity… imo.. Coach Smith (wrestling) is the only one close. I cannot believe that going outside of the current staff to hire an unproven division III coordinator didn’t resonate negatively on Coach Joe and others. Houston and, now, TCU and Texas have reaped the benefits of a questionable hire by Gundy. While we are left to “raise” our OC and endure the growing pains, Meachum, Wickline, etc (the fallout isn’t over…) have went to greener ‘advancement’ pastures. Coach Gundy, we luv ya… but you stuck your head in your ass on this one. jmho.

  • Dave

    Your quips are becoming more sour and sarcastic every day. Way to go, Kyle.

  • Tone

    I’ve never thought about til now but Kyle = Nate, gotta be!

    • Nate

      That is such an insult