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Daily Bullets (May 10): June Approaches and Nobody Knows When CFB Will Return

More good stuff on an awesome OSU basketball class.



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OSU Bullets

• This is a good one from Jenni Carlson on a former OSU softball player turned nurse in NYC. Staggering and sobering to read.

When Teresa Ritchie left Stillwater for New York City nearly a decade ago, she never imagined this would become her reality. But the former Oklahoma State softball player became a nurse because she wanted to help others, providing care and showing compassion during people’s toughest days. This virus has made that job as difficult as it’s ever been. [Oklahoman]

• NCAA president and Big 12 commissioner disagree about when college football can return. This is what happens when you have a decentralized entity like college football. That doesn’t mean it’s bad or wrong, but it makes situations like this one more difficult.

• OU’s president says options are being explored aggressively but nobody knows what’s going to happen.

• Is Mike Gundy a top-15 coach in college football?

• I am your resident treasure of the Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe fan club. The going-left-dunk-back-to-the-right dunk he has in the video in this post makes my knees Jell-o.

• Oklahoma State season ticket sales have been beyond what probably anyone expected.

Other Bullets


• For my AirPods people, are they really this good?

• Cal Newport has been really good during the pandemic.

• We need to stop holding the future hostage in exchange for an exam.

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