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Daily Bullets: Mike Gundy doesn’t need more Bedlam hatred

A history of OSU-Mizzou games, cheerleader from Saturday will be punished, Josh Holliday is rolling.




I could not possibly agree with this column from Berry Tramel more. (NewsOK)

OSU gets best win and best photo here, but let’s just appreciate the fact that the awards are called the “Ubbies.” (Fox SW)

The bowl gifts for the Cotton Bowl are undisclosed. (Big Lead)

Why Texas might not consider Mike Gundy. (B/R)

Here’s a history of Mizzou-OSU games. That 2008 one was a jewel. (Tulsa World)

As an OSU fan, I’m terrified of this. Terrified. The league would be buh-bye. (NewsOK)

With how many Heisman finalists there are, I’m surprised Chelf didn’t get a look. (CBS Sports)

I love that we’re playing a fired-up Mizzou team. That’s a good thing. (Tulsa World)

I sort of agree that the Cotton Bowl is a pretty good indication of how good this team is. (O’Colly)

Seven Pokes named AP All-Big 12. (PFB)

Pretty interesting quote from Art Briles here. Texas and OU folks cannot be pleased. (ESPN)

The Thunder do not know who OSU’s starting QB is. (PFB)

This is probably the dumbest suspension I’ve ever heard of. (Big Lead)

The cheerleader that stuck his foot out on Saturday will be disciplined. (NewsOK)

Bullet was wearing horseshoes on Saturday, but we weren’t playing horseshoes. Gah, that stings. (NewsOK)

Cotton Bowl ranked as the 4th best bowl game. (CBS Sports)

I’m doing a Bedlam 3-part mega-podcast. Here’s part one with my dad and Nolo. Part two with OKC Dave and Carson coming later today. (PFB)

Why one girl believes Jameis Winston’s accuser. Big-boy read right here. Intense. (Deadspin)

Todd Monken is just the best. Man. (Yahoo)

Reader Cole Yearwood pointed this out: Every OSU win this year was followed by a Big 12 player of the week, every loss was not. Pretty weird that there were 10 weeks of players of the week, right? (Big 12 Sports)

The comments on this post about a bunch of Baylor bros hanging with Ahmad Dixon are incredible. (Deadspin)


I missed this on Saturday but here’s a great article on what Frank Martin thinks of OSU. He’s not short on compliments. (Tulsa World)

OSU No. 7 in the new poll. Ahead of Duke. (CBS Sports)


Josh Holliday, rollin’. (Tumblr)

This on how much time we’ll have spent on our phones over the course of our lives is terrifying. Via Kevin DeShazo. (Medium)

Medium is a lot of things, but it’s certainly not a place for longform. (Poynter)

How would you like to walk into your house and have your phone start charging automatically? (Medium)

The famous restaurant, Elaine’s, is re-opening in NYC. (New York Times)

The Wired smart list. A bunch of really smart people pick who they think the next really smart people will be. (Wired)

This destroyed me.

I didn’t realize Martellus Bennett was so interesting.

Did you ever think you’d see OSU highlights on the Weather Channel?

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