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Daily Bullets: NBA GMs respond to Smart

OSU’s most important offseason football player, a baseball preview, and a Joakim Noah-Smart comparison.




Fighting words don’t really mean much.. (Deadspin)

Interesting take here: by the logic the NCAA demands, it is Smart’s unpaid duty to surrender his dignity in exchange for the supposed honor of playing college basketball. This is both stupid and inhumane. (Sports on Earth)

College basketball works great for almost everyone who plays it, but for the guys who have the option of the NBA right now, there’s a lot more to lose than there is to gain. (Grantland)

I love Big 12 hoops. The K-State upset and subsequent Holly Rowe interview on top of the scorer’s table was great. (Deadspin)

The Bill Self nose pick last night was also tremendous. (Big Lead)

We have become a teaching moment for other schools. (Fox Sports SW)

Jenni Carlson nails this on Holder. (NewsOK)

Ford is almost a parody at this point. What is he doing here? (PFB)

SMU is ranked and we are not. Yikes. (CBS Sports)

I don’t even really have to make fun of Ford anymore. He kind of does it on his own. “I’ve spent an enormous amount of time talking about how to handle a situation like that. I haven’t spent an enormous amount of time talking about that particular situation.” (NewsOK)

Is this the biggest implosion for a college basketball team ever? Can’t be, can it? (Rush the Court)

Jeff Goodman polled a bunch of front office NBA people on whether the shove would affect Marcus’ draft status. One GM: “Yes. When you are loved more for your intangibles than your tangibles to begin with, how can it not?” Good point, but I (and most of the other people polled) don’t think it will. (ESPN Insider)

Wow, Billy Donovan makes a Joakim Noah-Marcus Smart comparison and it kind of works. (NewsOK)

I agree with this, Smart’s draft stock isn’t going anywhere. (O’Colly)


If you’ve ever wondered what the heck OKC Dave is talking about when he writes those great statistical posts, you should read this. (Football Study Hall)

The quarterback battle will garner its share of attention but Seales’ continued development is just as important. (ESPN)

Glenn Spencer was the best Big 12 coaching hire of 2013. (ESPN)

OSU spring game date is April 12. That’s Masters Saturday so…yeah. (ESPN)


We have somebody (Aaron Schnautz, to be more specific) covering baseball this year and he opened up on Monday with a review of 2013. It was solid. (PFB)

The Bedlam wrestling photos are incredible. (Flickr)

Apparently the dunk contest will be different and better this year. (Deadspin)

Rick Reilly is still cranking ridiculous stuff. (Deadspin)

The 12-step guide to quitting your job. (Medium)

Anybody seen this yet?

In honor of the upcoming dunk contest..

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