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Daily Bullets: New PG officially signs

Bobby Bowden doesn’t follow Big 12 football, top one-and-dones, Bedlam recap.




Here is the football team on a bowling outing. (Flickr)

Bobby Bowden does not follow college football, clearly: “Yeah, but Oklahoma State’s one of the schools that could be good enough. There’s probably 12 teams in the country that any of ‘em could win the national championship. One of ‘em’ll get lucky and do it. Oklahoma State probably one of those.” (NewsOK)

OSU-FSU set for 7 PM, ABC (Fowler!) (Big 12 Sports)

Wes Lunt will look sharp in these. (CBS Sports)

Shut the blank up and call a play. (NewsOK)

Some pretty interesting recruiting notes in here. The QB committed to OSU is a top five pocket passer now. (ESPN)


Interesting list ranking the one-and-done guys. KD not No. 1. (Sports Illustrated)

Myles Turner will announce his college choice on April 30. (Kansas City)

New PG: “I felt like OSU was the right school for me. With Marcus Smart leaving (for the NBA), I think I can come in and help out right away.” (NewsOK)

Fire Travis Ford? (okstate)


Here is what Aaron Schnautz wrote about 18 innings of Bedlam. (PFB)

I don’t understand how people don’t see this re: Blake? How do you watch hoops and not know why people hate him?[1. Same with Smart.] Go Warriors. (Big Lead)

The girl in the middle of this celebration is surreal. I’m in awe. (Deadspin)

I’ve been reading a lot of old golf gamers lately. This one from Tiger-Sergio in 1999 is pretty fun. Shades of Spieth with Sergio… (Sports Illustrated)

This is phenomenal.


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