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Daily Bullets: No spring game for Pokes

OSU reports violations, our DL was terrific in advanced metrics, Smart to Charlotte?




Kansas barely beat Tech at Tech last night. (Big Lead)

Some interesting notes on which team will have the best roster heading into March. OSU is mentioned… (ESPN)

This John Calipari GIF is incredible. (Big Lead)

Big Lead has Smart 10th to Charlotte. Yeesh. (Big Lead)


At what point do we just hand fans an XBox controller and let them play OSU vs. OSU and call it the spring game? (NewsOK)

Has the B12 experienced parity, or just a bunch of really good teams? (Big 12 Sports)

OSU self-reports NCAA violations. I fixed the one for Yurcich: Offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich inadvertently responded to a text message from a junior prospective student-athlete. Yurcich was in the middle of sending permissible Facebook messages via the application on his phone when the text came in, and forgot the difference between Facebook messages and impermissible text messages. after he realized it he threw a swing pass with his phone.

OSU ranked as the 5th best QB situation in the Big 12. Probably about right, could see us as high as No. 3 or as low as No. 7. (ESPN)

Take the Wonderlic test here. Pretty cool. (Big Lead)

Is Texas finally getting a QB? (CBS Sports)

Interesting take on why the Orange Blitz thing is a good idea. (Tulsa World)

OSU’s defensive line was solid in advanced metrics. (Football Study Hall)

Its offensive line was not. (Football Study Hall)

Berry wants to shorten the play clock in football. Can we start with the shot clock in basketball? (NewsOK)

This is tough to do but Ubben does it well here. What anonymous scouts say about NFL prospects. (Fox Sports SW)


Chris Perry was Big 12 wrestler of the week. (okstate)

OSU baseball is 4-0. Holliday: “We got better today and that’s the real goal is to grow as a team and just a great crowd. Real appreciative of the fans coming out and giving us a 1,600 attendance, that was a great way to get started.” (O’Colly)

Some great photos from the home opener on Tuesday. (Flickr)

This would have been the worst Olympic loss ever, yes? (Deadspin)

This on inspiration is spectacular. (Explore)

Penn State-OSU wrestling highlights.

These guys are kind of goofy but they’re right about us being outside the bubble.

This is just…awesome.

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