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Daily Bullets (Nov. 22): Dru Brown’s Legendary OSU Opportunity, Comparing Brown to Sanders (Again)



Pokes landed another basketball player for the 2020 class – the Texas Titans North playing at GIA next fall. 

Bullets Rundown

• Brown’s legendary opportunity
• Comparing Brown vs. Sanders (again)
• Mason Rudolph vindicated

OSU Bullets

• This is the most fun way to look at the last two games of the season – an opportunity for Dru Brown to leave town a legend.

But now he gets a chance to do what he came to OSU to do. Not many guys get a chance to become two-game legends. If Brown beats OU this year with their CFP hopes still alive, he immediately goes in the OSU pantheon since only Weeden and Rudolph have done it in the Gundy era. If he doesn’t, then we’ll all fall back on the Sanders injury and what could have been.

In a world where everything is lose-lose, this situation is win-win for Brown. Which is exactly how he hopes the end of the season goes for OSU. [PFB]

We obviously want to see the first chapter of what Spencer Sanders can do in Bedlam but this is a solid alternative: see what a different style of (experienced, veteran) quarterback can do against OSU’s biggest rival after an appetizer in Morgantown.

NewsOK is reporting any “injuries” sustained by Brown in practice this week won’t hold him back. Surprised Brendan Costello isn’t the backup.

• Bill Haisten had some comments that contrasted well the styles of Dru Brown and Spencer Sanders.

…While Sanders has the best arm talent in the program, Brown can execute the passing game at a comparable level.

When Gundy and offensive coordinator Sean Gleeson insisted that the Sanders-Brown preseason competition was tight, they weren’t blowing smoke. Ultimately, Sanders won the job because he impacts the run game in a way that Brown cannot. [TulsaWorld]

It sounds like Brown is Sanders under more control with less athleticism. Fortunately, that level of speed and agility is a high bar and there’s plenty of room below there for a quarterback capable of winning Big 12 football games.

• This whole Mason Rudolph/Myles Garrett situation is wild. Yesterday Garrett told the NFL in his appeal that Mason Rudolph used a racial slur against him but that didn’t pan out well.

An NFL spokesperson said the league found no evidence to support allegations that Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph used a racial slur toward Browns defensive end Myles Garrett just prior to the fight at the end of last week’s game.
The fight resulted in Garrett’s indefinite suspension without pay which the NFL upheld Thursday. []

• The fifth paragraph in this Big 12 bracketology piece describes OSU’s bowl situation well

OU’s starting tight end announced that he’s retiring from football

• Had no idea Gundy was the only head coach to make the trip to Canada to visit Chuba. Boy did that pay off.

Non-OSU Bullets

• This 20-minute pod on how baseball players are pooling their contracts is super interesting (one makes it big, the others do too)
• I liked this faith-based article (and prescribed exercise) on “taking your medicine”
Tjarks on this Boston Celtics team was good sportswriting

I’m on a rugby kick after watching Invictus earlier this week – while I still have no idea what this guy is getting at, it’s still a hilarious interview.

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